Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies shows us how easy it is to transform your space each season.

By Real Simple
Updated March 21, 2017
Lindsay Salazar

You change your wardrobe once the winter frost melts and spring rolls around—so why not change up your home decor for the spring season? Doing so doesn’t mean bringing in completely new furniture or taking on major renovations. There are a few quick and easy changes that will make a big difference. Here, lifestyle blogger Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies shows us how she transitioned her kitchen from a festive wintry design to a fresh, natural look suited for spring.

For the holidays and winter season, Parcell decorated with a winter white color scheme—white wreaths and neutral bows adorned the backs of the chairs for festive flair and evergreen branches were added to the shelves and the hood above the stove.

But she wanted a fresh and airy look for the warmer weather. “I love springtime so I wanted to add in subtle, soft pastel accessories as well as natural greenery like a pot of lavender of hydrangeas,” she said. “I always love to display fresh fruit as well to give the space more color.”

Parcell swapped the chair decorations for vases of greenery and bowls of brightly colored fruit (lemons and apples). She also added pops of color to her open shelves with dishware and vessels, including blue jars and a large pale pink serving bowl on the counter near the stove. The result is a subtle and budget-friendly—a few inexpensive accents can really make a difference.

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You don’t have to shop for new stuff—just look around your house for inspiration. Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated a variety of dishware and serving pieces, so take advantage and put them on rotation and on display on open shelves or your kitchen counter. Use the brightly colored ones for spring and summer. They’re easy to grab for meals and do double-duty as decor. “I love to collect different dishware and while I was designing my kitchen I created open shelving or cupboards with glass to display them,” Parcell says. “It’s a great way to instantly add style to your space while still finding a place for everything.”

Greenery is a quick and relatively cheap way to decorate for the season, too. In the fall and winter, you might use autumn foliage, pumpkins, and branches, but in warmer months, make the most of what’s in season and purchase some fresh blooms from the grocery store or farmer’s market. Put your food on display, too, for some unexpected color: “I always love to display my fresh fruit as well to give the space more natural hues.”