This Is the Countertop Trend We're Seeing Everywhere

And it makes a kitchen look so luxe.

Kitchen With Waterfall Counter
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While we were admiring Mandy Moore's absolutely stunning kitchen posted on Instagram, we couldn't help but notice her countertop. The beautifully veined marble on the kitchen island streams down on both sides, creating one of the lushest-looking counters we've ever seen. Known as a waterfall countertop, we've been spotting this breathtaking trend everywhere recently, including on Instagram and Pinterest.

While a standard countertop is simply a horizontal slab, a waterfall counter also has stone edges that drop down to the floor. The look is decidedly luxe, but because it requires much more stone than a traditional counter, it can easily eat up a kitchen renovation budget. Also, to get the edge of the counter to look perfectly seamless, the fabricators typically use a computer numerical control laser cutter, a process that adds a steep extra expense (starting at about $1,000).

But you get what you pay for with this effect—and the results are guaranteed to make your kitchen look more luxurious. Here's all the visual proof you need, below.

In this kitchen remodel by Coco and Jack, a waterfall counter with minimal veining creates a striking look, yet doesn't distract from the rest of the room. The clean edges of the countertop are reflected in the range hood and rectangular shelving, giving the entire space a cohesive, modern look.

If you're okay with your countertop being the star of the show, choose stone with a bold swirling design, like the one used in the kitchen above by Bria Hammel Interiors. Waterfall counters pair beautifully with other sleek, modern details, and fit home styles from contemporary to new traditional.

In the kitchen of Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co., La Dolce Vita quartzite lends color and a big hit of personality to the space. Set in front of dark cabinets (it's Onyx by Benjamin Moore), the intricacies of the stone really shine.

To make a waterfall counter really pop, amp up the color or play with pattern. Meagan Rae Interiors used patterned tiles under this counter, but you could also consider a bold color, such as a deep blue or a rich green hue.

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