Put together these vintage and retro kitchen décor ideas for a cookspace straight out of the past, in the best ways.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated February 15, 2019

If thoughts of vintage kitchen décor inspire mental images of linoleum, plastic-looking surfaces, and sweet candy-colored pastels, you’re right. If thoughts of vintage kitchen décor inspire visions of white crockery, vintage pyrex, sculpted wood hutches, plate racks, and beadboard paneling, you’re also right. Vintage kitchen décor can refer to a good many different kitchen décor ideas, though they all inspire the same feelings of nostalgia and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect vintage (and functional) kitchen.

Just like the so-called ingredients of farmhouse kitchen décor can be broken down and traded out for more functional or affordable pieces, the essential elements of a vintage kitchen can be adjusted and adapted to suit individual budgets, preferences, and spaces.

Obviously, not everything in the space can be truly vintage, in the sense of being antique or heirloom. Those kinds of items can be incredibly pricy and difficult to find, plus their functionality may not be able to keep up with modern cooking requirements. But mimicking the vintage or retro look, possibly with a few truly vintage pieces sprinkled around as decoration, is totally possible—it just takes some careful design choices in everything from the kitchen backsplash to cabinet paint colors.

Vintage or Retro Kitchen Decor

With these vintage and retro kitchen décor ideas, crafting a kitchen reminiscent of a bygone era can be as simple as a new paint job or some new appliances. A total overhaul will take much more work, but incorporating some smaller vintage elements into a preexisting kitchen can do a lot to create that retro look and feel.

Take a look at these ideas and picture them in your space—if they strike that just-right retro note, without veering into kitschiness, you might have found the right vintage kitchen décor idea for you. (Of course, if you want to go full-kitsch, give it a try—your kitchen, your rules.)

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