The home remodeling and design site polled homeowners to find out what they were most excited about this year.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 12, 2018
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Shaker Style Cabinets
For cabinetry, 57 percent of homeowners prefer Shaker style, which is named after the 18th century religious sect. The style is marked by simple, minimalist pieces made of wood. Shaker-style cabinet doors normally have a recessed center panel.
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The new year is a good time to start fresh—whether it’s changing your diet or exercise plan, looking for new jobs or asking for that raise, or finally getting started on that home renovation or doing a major organizing overhaul. If the last one is on top of your to-do list for 2018, you’ll want to pay attention to Houzz’s latest study. The home remodeling and design resource just revealed its list of top kitchen trends for the year after surveying over 1,700 homeowners who are currently working on or have already completed a kitchen project—and some of the results are surprising. The biggest trend of 2018? It’s not installing a farmhouse sink or open shelving; instead, homeowners are more interested in decluttering their countertops and adding built-in features to help them stay organized.

“Our annual kitchen trends surveys reveal that consumer preferences for products, design, and technology vary not only across urban, suburban, and rural areas, but also evolve over time,” Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz, said in a press release. “Countertops in particular are having a real moment today as homeowners focus on decluttering surfaces for a sleek and tidy kitchen post-renovation.”

For those whose eyes glaze over when they hear the word “organize,” it’s not all just about a decluttered kitchen in 2018, homeowners are also interested in some flashier details like granite countertops and high-tech features. That being said, a kitchen renovation is not going to come cheap. While costs vary based on size, kind of renovation, and the home’s location, the average cost of a major remodel is $42,000 for a larger kitchen and $25,800 for a smaller kitchen.

Take a closer look at the trends below.

Built-in Trash Can
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Storage Reigns Supreme

Organizing is on everyone’s minds—75 percent said they were obsessed with decluttering their counters, 66 percent with putting things away, and 49 percent with recycling. In fact, a whopping 63 percent of homeowners said they prioritize storage over anything else in the kitchen. To accommodate this obsession, people are tricking out their kitchens—that means installing built-in storage features like pull out waste or recycling baskets, cookie sheet/tray organizers, revolving corner trays, deep drawer organizers, and pull or swing out trays and shelves.

Quartz Countertop
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Upgraded Countertops

Countertops were the most common update in renovations, with 94 percent of homeowners making this change. The long-time favorite material, granite, has seen a decline in popularity in recent years, while engineered quartz (a composite of quartz and resin) is emerging as a trending option.

L-Shaped Kitchen
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Complete Renovations

Homeowners aren’t looking to make a few changes here and there this year: 87 percent want to change their kitchen’s style completely compared to 75 percent who gave that response in 2017. Additionally, 50 percent of participants said they wanted to change their kitchen’s layout, with 35 percent opting for an L-shape (the most popular kind of layout).

Google Home
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Tech-Savvy Cookspaces

We all know how popular Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are—and people are starting to incorporate those features into their kitchens. About 22 percent of homeowners add home assistant gadgets during technology updates; but interestingly, fewer people are looking to add a TV in the kitchen this year.

All White Kitchen
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Classic White

More and more people are favoring a clean, simple white palette in their kitchens. For backsplashes, countertops, and wall finishes, 36 percent of homeowners prefer white, compared to last year’s 30 percent.

Kitchen Wood Floors
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Wood Floors

According to Houzz, one in two homeowners are opting for wood or wood-like floors. Engineered wood and laminate are growing in popularity, and while hardwood is still the most popular material, it is seeing a slight decline.

Shaker Style Cabinets
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Shaker-Style Cabinets

For cabinetry, 57 percent of homeowners prefer Shaker style, which is named after the 18th century religious sect. The style is marked by simple, minimalist pieces made of wood. Shaker-style cabinet doors normally have a recessed center panel.

Kitchen Contractors
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Leave it to the Pros

Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts, especially when it’s an involved kitchen renovation, or you’re not particularly crafty. Houzz reports that 86 percent of homeowners hire a professional, with 63 percent hiring a general contractor or kitchen remodeler.