These Stylish, Quick-Ship Cabinets Give IKEA Kitchens Some Serious Competition

We can't believe this entire kitchen remodel took only two months.

Space of Week, Anne Sage Kitchen Remodel
Photo: Photography by Elizabeth Messina

IKEA cabinets have long been the go-to choice for those looking to design a stylish, custom-looking kitchen—but without the sky-high expense of made-to-measure cabinets. They're so popular, in fact, that some companies, like Semihandmade, even specialize in creating beautiful fronts that fit standard IKEA cabinets.

Taking their cabinet game one step further, Semihandmade launched BOXI, its own line of direct-to-consumer, quick-ship cabinets that give IKEA a run for its money. So when interior designer Anne Sage was designing a kitchen remodel on a strict schedule (we're talking less than two months), she turned to the new cabinet brand to give the kitchen a semi-custom look, fast.

In order to complete the remodel in record time, Sage jumped on a last-minute opening in her contractor's schedule. To make the deadline, they only chose items that were immediately available. In addition to BOXI cabinets, which arrive four to six weeks after ordering, Sage relied on vintage items that could be bought same-day. And when they were scrambling to finish just days before the family moved in, Sage called in the home pros at Pulled to save the day. The end result is a stunning, thoughtfully-designed kitchen that looks anything but rushed.

Pro Tips for Sticking to a Schedule

"Wait to break ground until all your materials have arrived, and be sure to open all packaging and review all install specs as they arrive so that you know you have exactly the right pieces on hand," Sage recommends. "I know it's tempting to start right away, but patience is the key to ensuring you won't be held up by shipping and manufacturing delays—or worse, unfortunate surprises like discovering you received the wrong piece, having to wait four weeks for the correct one, and not being able to move forward with anything else until then."

Anne Sage Kitchen Remodel Angle
Photography by Melissa Messina

How to Blend Different Styles

Sage designed this kitchen for a couple with two distinct home decor styles. She gravitates toward a boho style, while he prefers a more modern aesthetic. They found common ground when they both decided they wanted black cabinets. From there, Sage balanced earthy, artistic choices, like the tile backsplash and wood details, with modern elements, like clean lines and a minimalist range hood.

Get the Look

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The Dark Side

BOXI by Semihandmade Black Kitchen Cabinets
Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Despite differences in style, Sage's clients could both agree on stylish black cabinets for the space. The clean lines and unfussy design of the Edge Cabinets in the color Peppercorn are balanced by the wood table and hand-crafted tiles.

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A Faucet That Flows

Champagne Bronze Delta Faucet

In a champagne bronze finish, this sleek faucet fits seamlessly in the space, coordinating with the brass cabinet hardware. It comes in five different finishes so you can select the one that matches your own kitchen design plan.

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The Midas Touch

Brass Cabinet Knob

Even if you're not planning a full kitchen remodel anytime soon, swapping your cabinet hardware is one of the easiest ways to give the room a modern update.

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Brick by Brick

Anne Sage Kitchen Tile Backsplash
Photography by Elizabeth Messina

The glaze on this tile is brushed on by hand, giving each piece natural variation and a sheen that catches the light.

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Rise and Shine

Copper Drip Kettle

When your kitchen remodel looks this good, you want the elevated accessories to match. This copper drip kettle looks great left out on the stovetop, plus it's designed for precise pouring to improve your morning brew.

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