I Replaced All of My Plates With These Versatile Ceramic Dishes

They’re super practical and make every meal (even takeout) look presentable.

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The Leeway Dish - Set of 4
Photo: leewayhome.co

When I moved into a studio apartment back in April, I had every intention of keeping the same old dinnerware set from when I had roommates. Even though I always dreaded how heavy each plate and bowl was, they were in good enough condition to keep using. But when Leeway Home, a new direct-to-consumer dinnerware brand, reached out about its ceramic dishes and all-in-one kits, I realized it was time for an upgrade.

I opted for the 10-piece Entry Way set, which comes with utensils, cups, and dishes for two people. Once it arrived, I was really impressed with the packaging: The entire set came in a compact cardboard box and each item was packed so securely. The cups and utensils definitely serve their purpose, but the real stars of the show are the Leeway Dishes—a ceramic bowl-plate combo that turned out to be the only type of dish I need.

They really are an all-purpose dish: I use them for practically every meal, whether it's protein waffles, pasta, or a veggie burger with fries. Even when I don't feel like cooking, I often transfer my takeout into the Leeway dishes just to make my food look more presentable. (And yes, I've found myself taking way more pictures of my meals lately.)

Each dish is made of durable stoneware, aka clay that's fired at a super high temperature. And thankfully, they're microwave- and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. They measure about 9.5 inches in diameter and are 2 inches tall, which might just be my favorite part because my food can't accidentally slide off.

The Leeway Dish - Set of 4

To buy: $60 for four; leewayhome.co or nordstrom.com.

I also love that the dishes aren't extremely shiny—they have a subtle sheen that the brand describes as "satin," but it reminds me of a matte finish. I'm partial to the blue color, but there are plenty of other choices since all of the products come in four solid and four striped options.

After nearly three months with the Leeway Dishes in my cabinet, I haven't reached for my old plates and bowls once. In fact, I've decided to donate my old set so someone else can put it to good use.

Ready to try these versatile dishes yourself? You can purchase a set of four at Nordstrom and directly on Leeway Home's site.

The Leeway Dish - Set of 4

To buy: $65 for a 10-piece set; leewayhome.co or nordstrom.com.

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