Few things change the look of a room like some new flooring, and these kitchen floor tile ideas will have you scrambling to start your cookspace update.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 08, 2019

In the world of kitchen décor ideas, kitchen floor tile ideas tend to take a backseat behind kitchen backsplash ideas, cabinet colors, and kitchen color schemes, to name a few. No cookspace component is inherently lesser than any other, but some design elements are certainly more visible than others, and kitchen flooring can sometimes fall by the wayside. Still, that doesn’t mean you can (or would want to) pass over giving kitchen floors a refresh.

Kitchen flooring can take nearly any form (maybe stay away from carpeting, though), but according to a recent survey from Houzz, 26 percent of home renovators in 2018 chose ceramic or porcelain tile for their kitchens. Hardwood kitchen flooring holds a certain appeal and for years was a top pick, but tile is becoming increasingly popular again after a few years in the shadows—and there’s a world of kitchen floor tile ideas to explore.

Kitchen floor tile ideas - blue geometric tiles

Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images

When hardwood floors took over kitchens everywhere, kitchen floor tiles got a bad reputation for being outdated, but these kitchen floor tile ideas aren’t the large, square tiles you might be picturing. Just as bathroom tiles have gotten all sorts of edgy, creative treatments over the years, kitchen floor tiles can take many shapes, colors, patterns, and more—they can even look like hardwood floors, so you get the durability and easy cleaning of tile with the on-trend look of wood flooring.

With so many types of tile (penny tile! Glass tile! Square tile!) out there, and so many creative uses of basic tiles, it’s no surprise that kitchen floor tile ideas are on the rise. Scroll on for some smart ideas, and start thinking about what your dream kitchen tile floor looks like—with so many options, it won’t be hard to think of some kitchen flooring ideas that are unlike anyone else’s on the block.

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