Careful, These Kitchen Countertops Are So Good They'll Make You Want to Remodel

After reviewing the latest trends in countertops, we chose two favorites to consider before redoing kitchen counters.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas, Cambria Surfaces black and white kitchen island
Photo: Cambria Surfaces

From the sleek waterfall countertops spotted in Mandy Moore's kitchen remodel, to stunning engineered quartz, we can't help but notice all the great possibilities for a countertop upgrade. With our Instagram feeds flooded with pretty kitchens, it's not just the kitchen cabinet colors that are making us swoon. Two specific types have caught our attention: the marble waterfall and butcher block counters.

We've matched these two countertops up with the homeowner or remodeler they'd fit best. Whether you're searching for a Fixer Upper-style kitchen or a sleek, modern cook space, one of these countertops will make you want to remodel.

Marble Waterfall Countertops

Best for: Those Who Want a Luxe Look

Waterfall kitchen islands are a luxurious trend that demands attention, as demonstrated in the kitchen above designed by Lindsey Bochard of Lindsey Brooke Design. To make the 12-foot island as functional as possible, Bochard outfitted it with drawers, lower cabinets, and even a second sink. If you decide to splurge on a waterfall island for your next kitchen remodel, follow the designer's lead and make the island as practical as it is pretty.

Butcher Block Countertops

Best for: HGTV Fans

For a modern farmhouse kitchen, follow Joanna Gaines's example and opt for butcher block countertops. Take a cue from the kitchen above by Sarah Sherman Samuel and pair wooden countertops with clean white cabinets and open shelving. Want to really nail the farmhouse aesthetic? Consider the pros and cons of an apron-front sink.

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