6 Gorgeous Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas From Interior Designers

Fair warning: This will make you want to remodel your kitchen.

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Regarding design elements we can't stop talking about, two-tone kitchen cabinet trends are high on the list. Whether the trend is white kitchens with a few moody blue cabinets or a funky kitchen island color, these ever-changing popular kitchen trends never fail to inspire us. The only downside: All of this kitchen inspiration will make you want to refinish your kitchen cabinets ASAP.

Currently, the style we love is contrasting kitchen cabinets: an unexpected combination of wooden cabinets and painted cabinets in the same kitchen. Think, unfinished wood cabinets on the top and sage-painted cabinets below or a few tall wooden cabinets flanked by vibrant blue fronts. A distinct departure from the all-white kitchen trend, this look is a refreshing mix of modern and timeless styles. Check out some inspiring kitchens rocking this style below.

Sea-Green and Wood Cabinet Combo

In this stunning kitchen designed by Janie Micek, the co-founder of Studio 818, beautiful blue-green cabinets nestle next to tall wooden cabinets. The wood is echoed throughout the room—on the open shelving and the bottom of the kitchen island—to keep the design cohesive. If you decide to try the contrasting effect in your own kitchen, follow Studio 818's lead and use the same hardware on all of the cabinets to help unify the space.

Bright White and Light Wood Cabinet Combo

If you still love the look of a fresh white kitchen but want to mix in the contrasting wooden trend, try combining white and light wood cabinets, as Lauren Nelson Design did in this kitchen featured in Sunset Magazine's 2018 Idea House. Besides creating beautiful contrast, there's a very practical reason for choosing a split finish: "Stained cabinets wear better than painted cabinets which tend to chip over time," Nelson explains in the caption of the Instagram post.

White Cabinets With Dark Wood Island and Shelves

Another way to work the look: Stick with white cabinets, then use wood on the kitchen island, range hood, and open shelving. Compared to the kitchen above, this design by The Maison Group with Woodstock Cabinets photographed by Sarah Baker, uses darker wood to boost the contrast.

Wood and Charcoal Cabinet Combo

In this kitchen by Russian design firm Quadrum Studio featured on Kitchens of Instagram, wooden fronts help warm up the surrounding charcoal gray graphite cabinets. If you want to paint your cabinets a moody hue, consider mixing in some wooden fronts to prevent the design from feeling overwhelming.

Off-White and Wood Cabinets With Blue-Gray Island

The only thing better than a two-tone kitchen? How about a three-tone one? In this gorgeous kitchen by Humphrey Munson, a deep blue-gray on the island anchors the room, while a combination of off-white and wood cabinets provides a balance of lightness and warmth.

Teal and Dark Wood Cabinet Combo

Want proof that the two-tone cabinet trend can work in a rustic-inspired, bohemian-influenced style home? Check out this kitchen from Abbie of M Is for Mama. Teal cabinets and a dark wood island and range hood combine forces to create a kitchen that's beautiful and eclectic. That vintage-style runner doesn't hurt, either.

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