Granite Is No Longer the Most Popular Countertop—Here's What Designers Think

Engineered quartz is the new king of the kitchen.

If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen in 2018, you may want to rethink that marble countertop. According to Trulia Design Panel's trend predictions released last month, granite countertops are out. And in a kitchen trends survey conducted by Houzz, the home remodeling and design resource found that granite is no longer the most popular countertop material.

So what's replacing the long-standing favorite? According to Trulia, more versatile, low-maintenance materials like quartz will reign supreme this year. Houzz reports that 43 percent of their survey participants said they were choosing engineered quartz for their countertops, compared to 34 percent who chose granite. And while 34 percent may sound like a decent number, Houzz notes that the material has been on a three-year decline (down from 45 percent in 2016).

When looking at the average cost of granite versus engineered quartz, the price points are relatively similar. Instead, durability is often the deciding factor between the two. While granite is typically cut from slabs of pure stone, engineered quartz is a composite of ground quartz and resin, making it a stronger material.

If you're still not sure which material is right for your home, check out what interior designers have to say about the two materials, below.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix Materials

"Quartz stone patterns and colors have come a HUGE way in the past five years. They now look much more realistic and are a wonderful way to get the look of natural stone with much higher durability. We've been mixing it with natural stone in kitchens by using it on the higher traffic surfaces, like the perimeter near the sink and stove, and then using real marble or stone on the island," says Erin Gates, a Boston-based interior designer. The takeaway: don't shy away from choosing multiple materials in this space.

Stick with Quartz in the Kitchen and Bathroom

"I find the quartz versus granite debate to be a hot topic among friends," says Taniya Nayak, an interiors and restaurant designer. "I love quartz tops for the clean look and less porous structure, which means it's more sanitary and safe for you and your family. Granite is a natural stone, and nature is beautiful! You will find patterns and movement like no other. I say: quartz for kitchens and bathrooms all the way, then granite or marble for more artistic moments like a unique coffee table or fireplace."

Quartz May Be Better for Minimalists

"I am not a big fan of granite countertops, as they have a little too much visual movement for me, and I think they can end up overwhelming a kitchen. Quartz stone tends to have more regular and delicate patterning throughout, which I think looks cleaner and lets the lines of the kitchen come though," says Amy Sklar, an L.A.-based interior designer.

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