19 Amazing Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Make the heart of your home match your design style.

beautiful clean modern kitchen with bar stools
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More than just a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen is where all of the action in the home takes place. We live in our kitchens. From entertaining guests to gathering together on Saturday mornings as a family, it's the true heart of the home. Whether you're renovating, redecorating, or simply updating this space, consider how you live before making any changes. Get inspired to transform this area with these practical and easy-to-steal decorative touches.

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Black and White

Black and white backsplash
You can stick to a monochromatic palette while still adding interest and personality to a room. A continuous pattern, like this modern black-and-white zigzag, running across a counter or backsplash is graphic and unexpected. If you're short on cabinet space, consider hanging floating shelves to hold frequently used tools or display favorite accessories. Paul Raeside/ Livingetc/IPC+ Syndication

You can stick to a monochromatic palette while still adding interest and personality to a room. A continuous pattern, like this modern black-and-white zigzag, running across a counter or backsplash is graphic and unexpected. If you're short on cabinet space, consider hanging floating shelves to hold frequently used tools or display favorite accessories.

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Something Blue

Blue kitchen cabinets
Nikki Crisp/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Ready for some color? For an instant update, give cabinets a fresh coat of paint. This pale shade of blue is a cheery alternative to the sleek white look.

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Shelf Life

Cube shelving unit
Dan Duchars/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Use every inch of space for smart, space-saving storage. This 16-cube shelving unit steps up to the challenge of holding plates, linens, and serving pieces. For an unexpected decorative touch, line the backs with wallpaper so it coordinates with your style.

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Neutral Zones

Neutral kitchen
Brent Darby/Country Homes and Interiors/IPC+ Syndication

Warm up a neutral kitchen by inviting different shades (gray, ivory, cream) and textures into the picture. Storage is maximized with a wall of cabinets, floor to ceiling.

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Great Room

Striped area rug under dining room table
Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer/Livingetc/IPC+ Syndication

A kitchen that opens up into the main living area can be an extremely exciting space to decorate. A generously sized table is ready to accommodate holiday dinners, game nights, or even intense science projects. Keep the vibe modern, casual, and cool by layering a black-and-white–striped rug and hanging an oversized drum shade.

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Sunshine Day

Yellow and turquoise accented kitchen
Ben Anders/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Short on square inches? A tiny kitchen (and a tight budget) requires careful and creative planning. A gray-and-white palette gets a burst of charm from bright pops of lemon and turquoise. If you don't have much cabinet space, bring in freestanding pieces to hold appliances, dishes, and other kitchen essentials.

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Color Story

Glossy red kitchen cabinets
Richard Gadsby/Beautiful Kitchens/IPC+Syndication

If you have a modern decorating style, embrace a bold color and high-gloss finish. Vanilla white and cherry red lacquer cabinets take this kitchen to daring heights. To avoid visual commotion, keep the rest of your accessories (kitchen textiles, servingware, plates) in this color palette.

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White Wall

Very large kitchen with neutral cabinets
David Giles/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Decorating a large kitchen can be an intimidating task. If you choose to stick with a neutral palette for the larger items (white walls, black granite counters, and ivory cabinets), then you'll have greater freedom and flexibility to update accents like textiles, runners, and even place settings.

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High Design

Wooden kitchen table
Douglas Gibb/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Large vaulted ceilings and multiple windows can make a room feel larger than it actually is. If you're decorating a primarily white-and-black space, bring in an unexpected piece of wood furniture to warm it up and give it personality.

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Splash of Color

Marine blue glass splashback
Lizzie Orme/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

A really great stove can transform a kitchen. For a nice pop of color, consider a pretty splashback like a marine blue glass. To make a kitchen homey and high-functioning, hang storage racks from the ceiling for frequently used pots and pans.

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Center Island

Modern aubergine, white, and black kitchen
Simon Whitmore/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

A sleek, modern kitchen needn't feel cold. If you're starting with a black-and-white foundation, infuse it with some color, like the muted aubergine on the overhead cabinets. Add texture by layering a striped rug over a seamless floor. Rather than recessed lighting, hang a pair of chandeliers from the ceilings for an unexpected twist.

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Natural Selection

Natural wood decorated kitchen
David Helsby/Beautiful Kitchens/IPC+Syndication

The quintessential white kitchen never goes out of style. This one is made especially inviting with natural touches like flagstone floors, oak island and ceiling beams, and a farmhouse-style table. The extra seating along the island make it a comfortable spot for casual breakfasts or mid-afternoon coffee.

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Farmhouse Fab

Green and blue tiled backsplash
Douglas Gibb/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

There's something just right about gathering around a kitchen island for a late-morning breakfast. The green-and-blue–tiled backsplash feels right at home in this space. Make your kitchen work hard by tucking in needed storage like corner shelves and built-in drawers and cabinets in the island.

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Corner Care

Kitchen storage units
Barbara Egan/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Think beyond the primary functions of the kitchen and consider how it can seamlessly extend into the other areas of your home. When a few rooms spill into the kitchen, it's time to create a balanced flow, which can be accomplished with a cohesive and simplified color palette. Boring? Not a chance. Here, the splashes of red weave into different nooks like the kitchen counter accents, cushioned bench, and living room side chair and window treatments.

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Traditional Timing

Blue range cooker
Brent Darby/Country Homes and Interiors/IPC+ Syndication

Just as you'd decorate a living room around the mantel or a bedroom around the bed, plan your kitchen around the cooking zone. The blue range cooker is—and should be—this kitchen's focal point. For a home that relies on plenty of storage, hang extra floating shelves to hold cookbooks and containers.

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Touch of Class

Chandelier in light blue kitchen
Lizzie Orme/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

There's something remarkable about a kitchen with an eclectic side. Mixing styles can add both charm and comfort to a space. This kitchen starts with a more traditional foundation (pale blue walls and island, dark wood ceiling beams) and then welcomes more surprising touches like a chandelier, stainless steel refrigerator, and floating shelves.

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True Blue

Robin's egg blue kitchen island
Douglas Gibb/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

If you're drawn to the color blue, then it's a natural choice for the area in which you spend the most time. Welcome in different shades (robin's egg blue for cabinets, cobalt for stools, and deep marine for accents) to keep the room from feeling flat. The panel-front painted island adds a hint of texture to the space.

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Morning Glory

Kitchen open to living room
Simon Whitmore/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

It can be challenging to find ample storage in a kitchen that flows into other areas of the home. Think creatively when carving out extra spots for concealing belongings. Need some ideas? Build hidden cabinets and compartments in an island, hang floating shelves on walls, or bring unexpected pieces of furniture (china cabinet, armoire, credenza) into the space.

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Touch of Turquoise

Turquoise, blue, and green accented kitchen
Heather Hobhouse/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

Cheery details can give a spare, modern room a more lived-in feel. Choose strategic spots for working in bright bursts of color: overhead lighting, bar stools, countertop accessories.

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