Decorating With Color

What's your favorite color? Try these easy ways to incorporate a vibrant splash into your home decor.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Color Combinations for Your Home

The fastest way to jump-start any makeover? Introduce colors that suit your rooms, your style, and your life. Here are exciting, foolproof paint picks (plus gorgeous accessories) to get you going.

4 DIY Decorating Ideas for a Staircase

Enhance your entryway with these creative techniques.

Decorating With Orange

From show-stopping wall paint to earthy home accents, you can easily (and artfully) add orange to any room in the house.

Decorating With Gray

Expert tips and stylish color pairings make it easy to integrate this neutral shade into your decor.

Decorating With White

This go-to neutral pairs perfectly with every shade, but don't underestimate its power to stand alone.

Decorating With Brown

Use it to make a bold statement―or as a low-key sidekick to brighter hues.

Expert Interior Lighting Tips

Looking to create a flattering glow yet still have enough wattage to see what you’re doing? This speedy lesson in lamps, fixtures, and bulbs (plus some room-by-room tips) will illuminate the way.

Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Looking for design inspiration? Consult this advice from legendary decorating experts.

What Color Do You Use Most In Your Decorating and Why?

Readers share their favorite shades to live with, from orange to aquamarine—and everything in between.


Color Know-How

How to Design a Modern Living Room

Three easy-to-apply tricks for creating a beautiful space.

Decorating With Stripes

Add a playful edge to any room with a few colorful (vertical or horizontal) lines.