Follow these tips to create a bed you'll never want to leave.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 10, 2018
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Warm Winter Bed with fur throw blanket and cup of tea
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When you’ve reached the point in winter when you’re ready to crawl into bed and hibernate until spring rolls around, these bedding tricks will help you make the coziest bed ever. Starting from the base—a heated mattress pad—and working all the way up to an extra throw blanket, this is the recipe for bedding success. Careful, it’s almost impossible to get out of a bed this warm and comfortable.

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Heated mattress pad on bed
Credit: Target

Start With a Warm Base: The Heated Mattress Pad

Step aside hot water bottle, when you’re hoping to achieve maximum warmth, the heated mattress pad is a total game-changer. Similar to a regular mattress pad but with adjustable heat settings, this cover can warm up your mattress before you even go to bed. This quilted option (from $50, comes with 10 heat settings, and the queen and king sizes have separate controls on each side, so you can crank the heat to a 10, even if your bedmate leaves their side at level two. Just think: you’ll never have to quarrel over the temperature (or hop into a chilly bed) again.

cozy bed with blue duvet and wooden headboard
Credit: Brooklinen

Switch Out Your Sheets: Choose Warm Materials

If you wrap yourself in refreshing cotton percale or linen sheets most of the year, consider swapping them out for a warmer option during the coldest months. To build a warmer bed, choose soft flannel sheets. Flannel may remind you of the cutesy patterned sheet set you had as a kid, but don’t worry, they’ve grown up. Choose one of these solid flannel sets (from $17; in sophisticated colors, like indigo, white, and soft blush. And if you really can’t bear to part with cotton bedding, opt for twill sheets, like this elegant set from Brooklinen (from $189;, which is woven from long-staple cotton, but was made for cold winter nights.

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blue bed sheets on unmade bed
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Take a Tip from Hoteliers: Try Triple Sheeting

When we reached out to Lynn Easton, one of the owners of the boutique hotel Zero George in Charleston, for her advice on creating a five-star bed, she let us in on a little hotelier secret: triple sheeting. By layering a warm but thin blanket or quilt between two sheets, you can add an extra layer of insulation, while the sheet barrier means you won’t have to wash your blanket as often. The coziest bed is all about layers and creating pockets of warm air, so sneaking in an extra layer of warmth before you even add your duvet or comforter is pure genius.

white down duvet
Credit: Parachute Home

Buy the Best Duvet: Check the Tog

While you’ve probably bought a duvet before, you may not know that the warmth of a duvet is rated by a universal unit known as a tog. It’s a measure of the duvet’s ability to trap warm air—the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. As a general rule, a tog of 13.5 or higher is considered suitable for the winter months. Another unit to look at is fill power, or the amount of space one ounce of down takes up. In general, the higher the fill power, the fluffier the down duvet and the greater its ability to insulate. Visit Parachute Home for a more in-depth explainer, and to shop their 750 fill-power duvets.

Chunky knit throw blanket

Top it Off: Pick the Perfect Throw

For the final touch every winter bed needs, top off your sleep sanctuary with a throw blanket you can cuddle up with on the coldest nights. Whether you spread the blanket out or leave it draped on the bottom of the bed, it’s important to pick a design you love (and that complements your decor) since this will be the top layer of your magnificently cozy bed. If you’re going for the rustic winter cabin look, a faux fur throw (from $100; is the perfect topper. But for the ultimate in sweater-weather luxury, nothing beats a chunky hand-knit blanket. You can find them on Etsy (like this one, $75;, or try your hand at knitting your own. Bonus: it won’t require leaving your bed.