Avoid Night Sweats by Making Your Bed This Way in Summer

Create a sleep sanctuary on warm nights.

How to Make Your Bed Cool for Summer, white bedding
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Now that summer is upon us, you might want to consider giving your bed a mini-makeover. A few quick changes is all it takes to turn a warm, snuggly winter bed into a cool, crisp summer bed that will help you sleep better, even on the hottest nights of the year.

Start by swapping out your thick flannel sheets for a more breathable option, then introduce a few styling tricks to help your entire bedroom feel cooler—without ever touching the thermostat. If you're ready to sleep better (and more comfortably) this summer, follow these pro-approved tips.

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Swap Out Your Sheets

Your heavy duvet and flannel sheets might have kept you warm on chilly winter nights, but now that the temperature is rising, they'll only leave you tossing and turning, and drenched in sweat. "Winter is all about adding layers," interior stylist Jason Grant says. "When the sun comes back out, it's time to remove these layers. Think about using lighter fabrics, like linen or cotton, and avoid wool and other heavy fabrics for your bedding."

To find the ultimate summer sheets, consult our list of best sheets for those who sleep hot. Linen is known for its breathability (and will soften over time and after many washes), while percale feels smooth and crisp to the touch.

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Shed Some Layers

How many layers can you count on your bed? Are you still sleeping with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a duvet, a blanket, and a big pile of throw pillows? Lighten the load by stashing the blanket or consider swapping in a thin comforter for your usual down-filled duvet. If you're typically a fan of the top sheet, try ditching the extra layer.

"Pillows are always a personal choice, but I prefer fewer in the warmer months," Magness says. If you want to keep your throw pillows on the bed, at least swap out the velvet or faux-fur covers for lighter versions in linen and cotton.

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Make Some Small Decor Changes

To celebrate the sunnier season, you can also add in summery accents to the rest of your bedroom. "Embrace the outdoors and bring them in with indoor plants," Grant says. "Or hang breezier curtains, or a sheer canopy to create a vacation feel in bed."

Magness also suggests misting lavender or lemon verbena linen sprays—both relaxing summer scents—over your bed. The soothing scent of lavender (which has been scientifically proven to have a calming effect) will help lull you to sleep.

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Lighten Up

Winter is perfect for moody, dark colors, but in the summer it's all about cheerful, sunny hues. You probably wear brighter shades and retire your darker clothes during these warmer months, so why not do the same with your bedding? "Color schemes should be lighter: I like pale yellow or cream linen sheets, and a white coverlet or duvet," interior designer Sarah Magness says.

Another option: Grant suggests using this casual season to experiment more—try vivid colors and mix-and-match patterns if you're feeling brave. While white bedding can make the room feel clean and airy, brighter colors will match the fun, sunny feeling we're all trying to capture during the summer.

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