Space of the Week: This Bedroom Went From Builder-Grade Boring to Sheer Sophistication in Record Time

Get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about pink paint.

One Room Challenge, Pink Bedroom
Photo: Fariha Nasir

Before Houston-based design blogger Fariha Nasir of Pennies for a Fortune embarked on a floor-to-ceiling makeover of her guest bedroom, it was, in Nasir's words, "a hot mess." As a featured designer in the One Room Challenge, a biannual room transformation event, Nasir had just eight weeks to redo the space. With ambitious plans to add beadboard to the walls, install new light fixtures throughout, and hook up an electric fireplace, the deadline would be tight, but as the host of the show Dream Room in a Day and no stranger to quick turnaround times, Nasir was up to the challenge.

One Room Challenge Bedroom Before
Fariha Nasir

Before the makeover, the bedroom was a familiar sight for many homeowners: used as a cluttered storage space, the room featured wall-to-wall carpeting, beige paint, and builder-grade fixtures. Nasir's goal: infuse personality and character into this bland space.

One Room Challenge, Pink Bedroom
Fariha Nasir

After eight long weeks of work, the bedroom now exudes traditional charm with a modern twist. Once the beadboard and box molding were attached, everything (including the ceiling) got a coat of Sulking Room Pink, a complicated shade of rose by Farrow & Ball. A new electric fireplace adds even more architectural interest. New Art Deco sconces, a vintage-style rug to cover the carpeting, and artwork in gilded frames complete the scene. As grandmillennial style takes over 2021, the room looks 100 years older, yet has never looked more modern.

Get the Look:

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Chic Sconce

Chic Wall Sconce

Sconces—especially ones with fluted alabaster and aged brass—instantly elevate any room. Here, Art Deco-style sconces flank the fireplace, but if you don't have a fireplace, set them on either side of the bed to serve as a soft reading light.

To get the look but skip the expense of hiring an electrician, consider this stylish (and under-$50!) plug-in option.

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A Moody Pink

Sulking Room Pink Paint
Farrow & Ball

Called "Sulking Room Pink," this complex shade of rose by Farrow & Ball feels worlds away from the bubblegum hues that pop to mind when you think of pink paint. Less saccharine and more sophisticated, the color was named after the boudoir, a word derived from the French "bouder," meaning to sulk.

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Antique Art

Minted Still Life Painting

A mix of still-life paintings, charcoal sketches, and vintage needlepoint art fits with the room's inspired-by-the-past aesthetic. The good news: you don't have to scour thrift stores for finds—Minted offers plenty of affordable options.

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An Of-the-Moment Mirror

Arch Mirror
McGee & Co.

Arched mirrors are having a moment. More than just a trendy shape, this detail also draws attention to the fireplace and bounces light around the room.

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A Soothing Scent

Target Oil Diffuser

The best home designs play on all the senses. This oil diffuser not only looks elegant atop a nightstand, but it will waft a calming aroma around the room to lull you to sleep.

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