Space of the Week: This Beautiful Guest Bedroom Went From Dirt (Literally) to Fresh Digs

A Midwest family's relocation to L.A. required the guest bedroom be built from the ground up.

Guest Bedroom With Green Bedding
Photo: Haris Kenjar

There are many ways to describe how a home falls short of its owners' needs, from drab and dingy to cramped and tired. For interior designer Meghan Eisenberg, the words she used to paint a "before" picture of this Los Angeles project were more literal, less creative. "This bedroom was a pile of dirt," she notes.

She was hired by a young couple with three children who had recently relocated from the Midwest to Silver Lake, an area known for its ties to Hollywood. "They moved here because the husband is a writer and showrunner, and the wife is a psychotherapist," Eisenberg says. "Since they left their families, they often have longterm visits by their respective parents."

The couple wanted an enclave where their guests would get some privacy throughout their stay, but there was no way to make that happen within the original layout of their home. So it was up to Eisenberg and architect Jeff Troyer to figure out a solution—based on a pile of dirt.

"The house is on a hillside, and only the top floor was built out," Eisenberg says. "That gave us a great opportunity to excavate underneath and create an above-ground, basement-level floor."

This addition expanded the property to include a kids' playroom and laundry area, but most importantly, it also carved out a secluded guest bedroom and ensuite bathroom. And when visitors aren't around, Eisenberg and the team made it so the owners could think of it as a convenient office. "It has its own door to the outside, too, so the guests and owners could come and go as they please," she adds.

Given that this room started from scratch, Eisenberg had to transform every inch of it into the calm retreat the owners had in mind. Once the space was built, there was an existing footing in the corner of the room that couldn't be moved. Instead of pulling the entire wall forward, shrinking the layout, she and her team decided to construct a plaster alcove to hide the footing while providing character. "It feels completely natural with the rest of the architecture, and it gives the sense that the bedroom is larger than it is," she says.

As for the furnishings, Eisenberg and the owners aimed to keep it simple with a handful of materials in warm shades. "The client fell in love with the neutral pink 'Palampore Blossom' fabric from Soane for the window treatment, and everything else was dictated by that," she says. "We chose an oatmeal color for the boucle bed frame and headboard, and what complements pink better than green linens?" Those choices feel at ease beside a built-in wood desk and shelving unit on the back wall, which was stained to match the floors. Wicker details give the room a lived-in appearance, almost like it was there all along.

The entire project wrapped in 2021 after about two years of construction, and Eisenberg is proud of its evolution from a whole lot of nothing to a rather covetable something. "Aside from having space for guests, the owner has been able to get a lot of writing done from that beautiful desk that overlooks the backyard," she says. "I'm happy the room has been able to have a dual function."

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Gold Picture Lights

Brass Picture Lights
Circa Lighting

To illuminate the wooden shelving units, the designer installed brass picture lights. At night they light up the shelves below, and during the day they catch the sunlight.

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Massey Drawer Pulls

Gold Massey Drawer Pulls

Set against the natural wood cabinets, brass drawer pulls add a touch of subtle shimmer.

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Orb Lamp

Handmade Ceramic Orb Lamp
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