Space of the Week: A YouTuber Trades in Her Bold Style to Create a Serene Bedroom

Now this is how you design a relaxing bedroom.

When home decor YouTuber Alexandra Gater was planning to upgrade the bedroom she shares with her partner, Noah, she surprised herself. "​​It needed to have a neutral color palette, which isn't my usual go-to," she says. Although Gater is known for integrating bright colors into a budget-friendly design, she didn't think that approach would be best in the space where she would arguably spend the most time. "I really wanted a calm, cozy, and zen retreat," she adds.

Alexandra Gater Bedroom Makeover, light neutral color bedding with wooden bed frame
Photography by Carla Antonio

Gater and her partner chose to live in this Toronto apartment for its historic details, and they particularly liked the not-quite-perfect quality of their bedroom's existing floor. It was scuffed and scratched, but it also had warm wood tones that became the backdrop for the entire palette. "I would ordinarily be all over a large Moroccan rug, but we left the floor completely bare because we loved the look," she says. The white walls would also stay as is, except for one. Gater sought to heighten the softness of the space, not create starkness, so she opted for a DIY project that would accomplish this feel.

"Doing a traditional accent wall with one tone of paint would have been too harsh, which is why I chose a lime wash," she says. "It's basically a paint made from minerals, and almost has a velvet finish. I applied it in a criss-cross pattern on the wall to give it a textured look, and kept the color minimal."

Alexandra Gater Bed with Storage Below
Photography by Carla Antonio

Gater placed a white oak bed from Article against this wall, and layered a wood art piece from Katie Gong overhead. A round pendant light made of rice paper fits the relaxed mood, while glow lights on custom side tables match its shape and sentiment. "What sold us on this bed is the rolling storage underneath. Because we only have two wardrobes, we needed drawers for linens and other items," she says. "Noah and I also use one drawer each as additional 'side tables.' That might sound strange, but we knew that this room was too small to fit standard side tables on either side of the bed. The drawers hide all of our cables and are a great place to keep books."

Now that the room is complete, the only thing that's surprising Gater these days is how soothing it continues to feel. "I honestly love the vibe of this room every time I step in it, and I've learned that bold colors and lots of patterns aren't always the solution," she says. "I really loved playing with different materials to keep the space feeling styled and interesting, and the result is truly a sanctuary."

Alexandra Gater Minimalist Bedroom with wooden bed frame
Photography by Carla Antonio

Get the Look:

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White Oak Bedframe

White Oak Bedframe with spindle design

A white oak bedframe with clean lines and a spindle-style headboard sets the foundation for a calm, minimalist space. When paired with white bedding, the look is relaxed and Scandinavian-inspired.

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Under-Bed Storage Drawers

Alexandra Gater Wooden Storage Bin Drawers

In a small room, under-bed storage that doesn't take up additional floor space is essential. These rolling wooden drawers fit the aesthetic of the space, while the casters make it easy to roll out the bins and grab what you need.

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Rice Paper Lantern

HAY Rice Paper Lantern

An oversized rice paper lantern plays with scale in a fun way, and also helps diffuse light so it's soft and flattering.

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Floating Shelves

Wooden Floating Shelves

To keep the bedroom open and airy, floating shelves elevate storage up off the ground and feel less bulking than nightstands. The small surface is just large enough to hold a plant or a glass of water, ensuring that your bedside stays uncluttered.

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Ambient Glow Lamp

Casper Glow Lamp

This lamp was actually designed to help you fall asleep, and for a more pleasant way to wake up, you can schedule a "sunrise" that will greet you with warm, glowing light. It doubles as a lantern that you can bring along to find a midnight snack or light your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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