You can now give your home a makeover with a snap of your fingers, practically.

Rent the Runway x West Elm Bedding - duvet bundle now available
Credit: Courtesy of West Elm

Renting clothes, furniture, and more may be the way of the future. Anyone struggling with storage space, frequent moves, keeping up with trends, or just living a decluttered life can make the most of their space by renting certain items for as long as they need them and returning them when the lease is up, trends change, or it’s time to move. Renting is convenient, efficient, and sustainable, and more and more companies are jumping on the trend. (Even IKEA is looking into offering rentals.)

Rent the Runway has been at the top of the clothing rental industry for years, but West Elm—a mainstay in the contemporary home décor world—hasn’t offered rentals, until now. The two companies’ new partnership—available as of July 22—allows Rent the Runway subscribers to rent decorative pillows, throws, shams, quilts, and coverlets from West Elm. (This is Rent the Runway’s first foray into offering rentals beyond apparel and accessories.)

An unlimited subscription to Rent the Runway costs $159 per month and includes access to a huge array of clothing, accessories, and now West Elm bedding and textiles. Subscribers can rent the West Elm items as one of their rotating spots and keep the items for as long as they’d like; Rent the Runway will even offer the opportunity to purchase a rented bundle at a discount.

Rent the Runway and West Elm bedding bundle rentals
Credit: Courtesy of West Elm

Courtesy of West Elm

The West Elm items can be rented in 26 curated home bundles of new and seasonal products, with bedroom bundles (consisting of a quilt, coverlet, throw or blanket, shams, and decorative pillows) and living room bundles (with decorative pillows and/or a throw) available. Signature West Elm bedding products—including organic cotton, hand-spun silk, and Belgian flax linen options—make up the bundles and come in a range of colors, patterns, and more. Most of the color options are on-trend deep blues, soft pinks, and whites, but watercolor and geometric prints will also be available. (We’ll see if West Elm and Rent the Runway add more options to the collection in the fall or winter.)

Everyone (OK, maybe not everyone, but many people) dreams of being able to swap out a duvet or throw pillow with the seasons or just for a little variety, but that kind of décor swap, especially if it involves high-quality items, can be incredibly pricy. The option to rent these bedroom basics makes those seasonal swap-outs possible and affordable, especially for Rent the Runway subscribers who are already taking advantage of everyday clothing rentals. With any luck, rugs, wall art, curtains, and more will join the list of rental options soon to make the total room makeover even more possible.

Giving a bedroom or living room a whole new look can be as easy as ordering a new bundle—and when you’re over it, you can send it back without feeling guilty about wasting money or adding to the local landfill.