Designer Rebecca Atwood launched a new bedding line that’s all about comfort.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 06, 2018
Rebecca Atwood Blue Bedding with dog sitting on it
Credit: Rebecca Atwood

If your ideal bedroom is a relaxing, stress-free zone of coziness, then textile designer Rebecca Atwood's new bedding collection was made for you. Pastel colors, pretty marbled patterns, and hand-painted motifs join forces to create the dreamiest bedding we've ever seen. Designed to be mixed and matched, or combined with bedding you already own, the line is intended to look personal, as though it's been collected over time. Ready to build the most luxurious bed ever? Shop the beautifully patterned duvets, sheets, and pillowcases below, then pair them with the solid color basics already stashed in your linen closet.

Rebecca Atwood reading newspaper in bed, with blue ocean duvet cover
Credit: Rebecca Atwood

Ocean Duvet Cover

Want to feel like you're on a beach vacation year-round (even if you live hundreds of miles from the shore)? Invest in a luxurious duvet cover in an ocean-inspired, handmade pattern. Atwood dreamt up the design while admiring a still bay at dusk.

To buy: $429;

Bed with Rebecca Atwood coral bedding collection
Credit: Rebecca Atwood

Stripe Fringe Knit Throw in Cream and Coral

For extra warmth on chilly nights and a touch of pretty coral color every day, top off the bedding you already own with this fringed throw blanket. It's the perfect way to inject some color and texture into any otherwise neutral bedroom.

To buy: $199;

Rebecca Atwood hiding under striped blue covers
Credit: Rebecca Atwood

Striped Marine Pillowcases

Hand-painted stripes give this gorgeous duvet and pillowcases a bespoke touch. These piece are an investment, but they're heirlooms you'll love for many years to come.

To buy: $129 per pillowcase;

Marbled cloud patterned duvet cover, with mug
Credit: Rebecca Atwood

Marbled Cloud Duvet Cover

Who can resist these whimsical marbled swirls? Created by marbling papers using the traditional Sumingashi technique (floating ink on top of water) and then transferring the designs to fabric, the delicate pattern evokes swirling clouds.

To buy: $349;