If Back Pain Makes It Hard to Sleep, Amazon Shoppers Say This $48 Pregnancy Pillow Can Help

It’s the perfect balance between soft and supportive.
By Rebecca Deczynski
February 12, 2021
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Trying to find the best position to finally fall asleep in can be a challenge for anyone—but especially if you're pregnant. That's why pregnancy pillows are specially designed to support your head, neck, legs, and back in all kinds of positions. But you don't actually have to be expecting to appreciate this kind of cushion—and that's why so many Amazon shoppers love PharMeDoc's Pregnancy Pillow.

With over 16,700 five-star ratings, the C-shaped pillow has earned countless testimonials, not just from pregnant women, but also people who deal with chronic pain, have undergone surgery, or just have a hard time falling asleep and . Because the long body pillow can be twisted into all different kinds of configurations, it's especially great for side sleepers.

"Plot twist: I'm not pregnant," one shopper wrote. "I have a lower back injury and suffer from chronic pain that sometimes interferes with sleep. I was looking for a lumbar support pillow and was drawn in by all the pictures of reclining people looking incredibly comfortable snuggled up in these things….I take this thing from the bed to the chair to the couch. Keeps me comfortable and in place in bed at night, and can be twisted into different positions to support lying down or being upright while reading."

Another reviewer added: "I should first state I'm not pregnant—but I do have neck and lower back issues that cause me to always wake up in pain. This pillow is large, comfy, and keeps my spine in alignment. So far this pillow has done more for me than my expensive memory foam pillow!"

Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $48 (was $110); amazon.com

The PharMeDoc pillow comes with a soft, jersey cover that can be thrown in the wash, and its filling is soft but firm enough to keep its shape and provide ample support through the night. Shoppers sleep with it in a number of ways: with it cushioned between their knees, with it placed between their head and their arm, and with their hips propped up on it. Reviewers also say that the pillow—which measures just over five-feet long—is also great for tall people

And, of course, pregnant shoppers have also found tons of relief from the product, as is intended. "I got it around week 20 of my pregnancy, and now at 27 weeks, I don't know how I could've gotten by without it," one reviewer wrote. "It helps me be so much more comfortable when I'm sleeping than placing a bunch of pillows around my body, and I've even traveled with it."

With a current price of $48 (marked down from $110), might just be the right investment for many good nights of sleep ahead.