Modern mattresses come in a box, shipped straight to your door. Convenient, yes—but it makes test-driving them a little tougher. We slept on 12 different “bed in a box” mattresses to help make your decision easier.

By Sydney Hershman

The modern mattress is a “bed-in-a-box” and each of these companies offer a wide range of options—all with compact packaging, direct delivery, and quality construction with a reasonable price tag. In the name of scientific research, our editors slept on the job and reported back with their reviews, so you can find the right mattress and rest easy.

No matter which option you choose, buying a new mattress is a significant purchase, and for many, these in-a-box choices are new territory. While there are some differences between companies’ offerings, there are a few overarching characteristics between brands. Most of us have gotten used to the feel of a traditional innerspring bed, so the adjustment period when switching from coil to foam can take some time. That’s why many brands require a 30-day minimum trial before accepting returns. So if you’re not immediately sold, give yourself some time to break it in. And if you’re particularly sensitive to smells, be aware that there may be an initial odor upon opening the vacuum packed mattress. Let it air out and it should dissipate within two days. Lastly, mattresses are heavy. Recruit a friend or family member to lift the box into the room and set it in place.

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