How to Keep Your Bed Clean and Cozy During Quarantine

Make sure your sanctuary is properly sanitized.

If you're one of the millions of Americans who's currently staying home during the coronavirus outbreak, you may be spending a little more time than usual lounging in bed (and we don't blame you). To make sure the piles of sheets and duvets are as clean and comfortable as possible, follow the steps below to build a refreshed bed. Start with a dust-free, deodorized mattress, and work your way up to fresh-from-the-wash throw pillows. Now, enjoy those marathon sleeping sessions in comfort.

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Refresh your mattress

Over time, your mattress collects dust and sweat, and can trap in odors. To refresh it, try this simple trick. First, vacuum the top of the mattress with a nozzle or brush attachment of a vacuum to remove dust. Then, sprinkle the top of the mattress with a layer of baking soda, let sit 10 minutes as it works its deodorizing magic, then vacuum it up.

While you have the mattress pad off of the bed, give it a spin in the washing machine (check the care label to make sure it's machine-washable). Bonus points for also vacuuming all of the dust bunnies lurking under your bed.

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Wash your sheets

Particularly when you're trying to avoid getting sick, and especially if you suspect someone in your house is sick, it's more important than ever to wash your bed sheets regularly. While experts generally recommend washing your sheets once a week, you may want to bump that up to twice a week during this time if you can.

Try to stick to white sheets if you have them, because they can be bleached. Wash the sheets on the hottest water setting, using detergent with chlorine bleach.

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Deep-clean duvet and pillow covers

No matter if you sleep with a top sheet or not, your duvet cover is probably dirtier than you think. Remove the cover and wash it, following the care instructions, and adding bleach to the wash cycle if you can.

If you have decorative throw pillows on your bed, check if the covers are machine-washable, and toss those in the machine as well. Also, if you're in the habit of throwing extra pillows on the floor when it's bedtime, consider storing them in a bin or basket instead.

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Don't forget the duvet inserts and pillows

When's the last time you washed your pillows? And how about your duvet insert? It's likely most of us are past due. The good news: most pillows and inserts can be machine-washed, just be sure to check the label first.

To keep pillows and inserts fluffy and help them dry faster, add a couple wool dryer balls to the dryer. To prevent mold, make sure the pillows and duvet are completely dry before removing from the machine.

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Make your own linen spray

In between regular washes, use a lightly scented linen spray to give your bedding a fresh scent. If you don't already own a linen spray, try mixing up your own. In a spray bottle, combine distilled water, 1 tablespoon vodka, and 10 to 20 drops essential oils (like soothing lavender). Gently shake the bottle before sprizing your duvet cover or blanket.

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