Amazon Shoppers Say This Ultra-Light Cooling Blanket Is a 'Life Saver' in the Summer

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Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blankets for Hot Sleepers, Lightweight Summer

With the temperatures creeping up into those high, humid digits, the house is inevitably becoming a sauna—despite running the air conditioning all day. And when nighttime creeps around, crawling under a heavy comforter only makes matters worse, even if you're sleeping on top of cooling sheets. Rather than spend another night tossing and turning in your own sweat, consider tossing off the duvet in favor of a cooling blanket.

Amazon shoppers recommend the Kpblis Cooling Blanket, which is woven from 100 percent natural bamboo microfibers and feels cool to the touch. Air circulation is actually enhanced thanks to the diamond pattern design of the breathable blanket, built with teeny gaps that help keep you cool all night long. Plus, the fabric is moisture-wicking and thermal regulating, so you won't have to worry about night sweats. Slip under this lightweight blanket and you're bound to feel cool while you sleep.

Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blankets for Hot Sleepers, Lightweight Summer

To buy: $27 (originally $29);

The blanket comes in a number of sizes to fit all bed frames, as well as a handful of solid colors, including green, navy, and blush. And when it's ready to be cleaned, just toss the blanket into the machine and wash it in cold water, then hang it to dry. Just make sure not to place it in the dryer.

Over a thousand Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with this cooling blanket, with many noting that it's "perfect for hot flashes" and a "life saver" in the summer. Another customer was so impressed with the blanket, writing, "I was so amazed by how well this blanket helps regulate my temperature."

Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blankets for Hot Sleepers, Lightweight Summer

To buy: $31;

"I live in an area where it can be freezing cold one day and warm the next, so I bought this lightweight blanket for the days I needed to switch out heavy blankets for something that wouldn't suffocate me," one five-star reviewer shares. "Soon after buying it, the weather got cold again, and my husband took this. He has pretty much stolen it now. Other than this, he uses a tiny 'sofa' blanket that barely covers his legs, so that should give you an indication of how cool it is."

"This blanket is imbued with magic," another customer says. "Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. Wonder Woman's lasso of truth. Sauron's One [Ring]. And then there's [the] Kpblis cooling bamboo blanket. I am not sure what kind of sorcery has been used to make this blanket cool, but I can't help [but] feel like this blanket's ability to cool and the rising temperature in the Arctic Circle are somehow connected. The blanket works. No amount of science will ever help me understand it."

Stay cool this summer by shopping the Kpblis Cooling Blanket at Amazon, starting at just $27.

Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blankets for Hot Sleepers, Lightweight Summer

To buy: $33;

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