Inspiring Headboard Ideas for Every Type of Bedroom

Moving to a new place, or simply want to redo your bedroom? These headboard ideas will inspire you.

Purple bedroom with inspiring headboard idea
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Creative headboard ideas are a simple way to make your bed shine—it’s the star of your bedroom, after all. Even if you’re short on square footage, a beautiful headboard can do so much for your space. Headboards add color, make a statement, or even provide you with a padded cushion to lean against while you’re in bed reading. To inspire your headboard search, we’ve compiled our favorite ideas, including DIY headboard ideas.

Headboard Idea #1. Take a Simple Approach

While a king bed is an excellent way to keep a restless partner from ruining your slumber, it can be a little tricky to find just the right accessories. Just shop smart to get a look that will last. By keeping scale and color in mind, like they did here with this not-too-tall, grey upholstered headboard, the bed feels finished without being so loud it takes over. With a set-up this cozy don’t be surprised when the whole family ends up climbing in—thankfully there’s room!

Headboard Idea #2: Try a Boho Backdrop

Sometimes you stumble on an ornate item that’s so lovely you have to find a place for it in your home. This carved wooden screen is a prime example of this. Propping an accent piece like this behind your standard mattress and box spring will keep it in place while also creating a unique focal point. The benefit of yard sale or thrift store finds? No one else will have the same look.

Headboard Idea #3: Play with Patterns

If your room is skewing sort of neutral, a patterned headboard is an easy way to add a little pizazz. Worried about committing to something for the long haul? Opt for a larger scale patterned fabric like this geode inspired print. The ripples make it interesting without being too busy and its shades of blue are easy to pair with other colors. Avoid any pattern that’s too trendy—unless you really want llamas on your bed set for years to come.

Headboard Idea #4: Have Fun with Texture

When it comes to your bed, texture is so important. It’s what gives it that I-want-to-spend-all-day-there feel. Balancing materials and fabrics, like this headboard that’s a rough wool framed with wood, lends a timeless and sophisticated look. Wool, velvet, and fabric feel inviting and warm, while metal and wood feel more minimal. Combine the two for spectacular results.

Headboard Idea #5: Scale Up for Some Drama

With headboards it can be a real Goldilocks situation, too small and you lose your shot at making an impact. Too big and it makes your bed look like it’s taking over the room. This oversized version in emerald green velvet with nailhead trim adds drama to a basic twin bed. The neutral pillows propped up in front help bridge the distance between the top of the headboard and the bed. Considering this style? Try before you buy by using painter’s tape to grid out the dimensions behind your existing mattress.

Headboard Idea #6: Add a Pop of Color

Yellow is anything but mellow when it’s paired with complementary patterns and colors. This headboard makes the pale blush and leopard print throw pillows sing instead of drawing too much attention away from them. There’s no reason to go all matchy matchy, this color combination feels ultra feminine and luxe. Shake up your color scheme and see how quickly the whole feel of the room changes.

Headboard Idea #7: Try a DIY Headboard

Who knew that a pretty sheet of plywood could look so high design behind your bed? Choose a piece of wood with pretty markings and grain, cut to size if needed, and then sand to make sure the entire surface is smooth. Even the most DIY-averse person could make this homemade headboard.

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