They’ll never feel embarrassed to ask for an extra pillow again.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated June 21, 2017
Bedroom with purple and green accents
Credit: Gaf_Lila/Shutterstock

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1 Toiletry Jar

After a long day of travel, there’s nothing more daunting than a trip to the drugstore to pick up forgotten toiletries. And if your guests don’t have a car, it typically feels burdensome asking the host or hostess for a ride. Make it easier on both yourself and your guests by prepping a basket or jar of common travel-size toiletries to have at the ready.

2 Snack Station

As a guest, you’re probably hesitant about digging into the pantry even if the host tells you to nosh on whatever you please. When you’re hosting, remove the fear that comes with midnight snacking in unknown territory by providing a mixture of sweet and savory snacks, presented in a clear jar or inviting basket, in their room or out on the kitchen counter. Go the extra mile and ask your guests what their favorite treats are before their arrival for extra brownie points.

3 Wi-Fi Password

“What’s the Wi-Fi password?” is one of the first questions guests will ask, so do everyone (including your guests’ data plan) a favor by having the code written down in a visible place so they can start surfing the net right away.

4 A Sparkling Bathroom

Did you know that the bathroom is the one room that guests will notice if it’s actually clean? What other room do you spend more time in alone and have time to look around privately? This isn’t an excuse to avoid other rooms (you should tackle those, too), but we suggest giving the guest bathroom some extra TLC so they feel comfortable cleaning up and getting ready.

5 Reading Materials

Chances are you won’t be able to entertain your guests 24/7, so collect a variety of their favorite magazines, books, or newspapers (check ahead of time!) so that they’re not stuck twiddling their thumbs while you’re showering.

6 Extra Pillows and Blankets

Some like a super-soft duvet. Others prefer just a sheet. Take the guessing game out of prepping a bed by supplying overnight guests with ample blankets and pillows so they can customize their sleep space to their liking.

7 Fan

Just like bed linens, temperature is relative. If the guest room doesn’t have a ceiling fan, make sure to have a portable one in there so guests can adjust the temperature as necessary. Since guests often come from different parts of the country or even the world, their temperature preference will most likely vary from yours. So even if it’s in the middle of winter and you’re freezing, consider that your guests might need a breeze to sleep soundly.