Skip the store—shop your home instead. 
Cozy winter bedroom with blankets and pillows
Can't face the chilly temperatures outside? Warm up your home with our coziest decor ideas, then gather around family and friends. Six more weeks of winter just means six more weeks of hygge. 9 Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home (Tip #2 is so smart.) 7 Next-Level Candles to Warm Up Your HomeHow to Build the Warmest, Coziest Winter Bed (We may never leave the house again.)
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If the freezing temperatures outside have you spending more time indoors hibernating in bed, you may be feeling like it's time for a bedroom refresh. Good news: you don't have to spend money (or even leave your house) to pull off the brilliant bedroom decor ideas below. The trick is to skip the store and shop your home instead. Pull the covers off of your living room throw pillows, borrow art from the entryway, and roll in the bar cart from the dining room. Rethinking how you use the furniture and decor accents you already own can help you break out of a style rut, and lets you flex your creativity. If you're not sure where to start, get inspired by the eight easy bedroom decor ideas below, then start shopping every room in your house.

Cozy winter bedroom with blankets and pillows
Credit: Carlsson, Peter/Getty Images

1 Refresh the Throw Pillows

When you want to restyle your bed, start by shopping your couch. You may have originally bought that blue ombre pillow for your sofa, but consider if it might work with the color palette in your bedroom, too. You may also have extra throw pillow covers stashed in a linen closet, or swipe a pillow from your entryway bench or kitchen banquette. This is an easy (and more importantly, free!) way to infuse your bedroom with a fresh color or a pop of pattern.

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2 Borrow a Blanket

It's likely you have a spare throw blanket or two lying around your house (if not, here are some we love). They may be draped across an armchair, hiding in a cabinet, or stored in a guest bedroom—wherever you find them, think about repurposing them on your bed. Arrange a throw blanket on the end of your bed to add texture to the room, or if you're tired of your duvet cover, smooth the blanket out over the entire bed so it serves as a makeshift quilt. This trick will completely transform the look of the room, no new duvet cover necessary.

3 Rearrange the Art

Have you had the same painting over your bed for the past ten years? It's officially time for a refresh. Luckily, your home is the cheapest art gallery in town. Browse each room for art that could also work in your bedroom, keeping in mind the color palette of your bedroom and the dimensions that would work. Oftentimes, we get so used to the wall art in our homes that we hardly notice it anymore. By switching up the location of these pieces, it will not only update the space, but make you appreciate the art you already own.

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4 Roll in the Bar Cart

If you have a bar cart stationed in your living room but don't find yourself mixing up happy hour cocktails too often, consider wheeling the cart into your bedroom. Use the cart as extra storage space for your jewelry, makeup, and accessories, or let it hold the overflow from your bedside reading stash. This mini mobile library can roll from the bedroom, to the living room, to any room where you might need a good read.

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5 Lighten Up

Restyling your bedroom can be as easy as rethinking the lighting. If you have a desk lamp you almost never turn on, consider moving it over to your bedside table to use as a reading lamp. Or if you have a spare floor lamp in a guest bedroom, think about relocating it to the master bedroom. If the lighting in your bedroom is too harsh, switch out the bulbs for soft white ones or change to a lower wattage.

Another option: Install a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting as needed. (Note: If you recently switched to LED bulbs, you may need to order a new, LED-compatible dimmer).

Classic bedroom in grays, blues, whites
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6 Redecorate Your Bedside Table

It's the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up, so restyling your nightstand can have a big impact. Start by decluttering your bedside table, leaving only the essentials: a small lamp, a carafe of water, and maybe a couple books. Borrow the water carafe from your kitchen cabinet to give your bedside table luxe hotel vibes. If you have extra space, add a decorative vase or a family photo that makes you smile.

And if you don't already have a bedside table? Try bringing in a chair or small stool as a makeshift nightstand.

7 Source More Storage

When your bedroom can no longer contain your clutter, it's time to shop your house like the Container Store. Place that trunk hiding in the attic at the end of your bed, where it can store spare bedding. Those storage bins holding old receipts in your home office can now store small accessories in your bedroom. Repurpose ceramic egg cartons, paint palettes, or even oyster plates as jewelry organizers.

8 Pare Down

Redecorating can be as much about what you edit as what you add. Give your bedroom a little extra breathing room by relocating one or two pieces of furniture to another room in your house. A bench you rarely sit on or a side chair that only acts as a clothing catchall may be better in the entryway or living room.