20 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom

This room should be your sanctuary. Use textures, patterns, and lighting to set its tone.

White Bed Sheets
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A gallery of simple ideas to make your slumber zone dreamy.

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Pile on the Pillows

White Bed Sheets

Pile on the pillows, and don't shy away from mixing patterns. Combine large prints with small ones, florals with geometrics.

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DIY Artwork

Pink bedroom with tapestry and chair
Pieter Estersohn/Getty Images

Hanging a graphic quilt is an easy solution to the "big blank wall" issue. Complementary bed linens pull the decor together.

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Put Pattern to Work

Bedroom with purple and green accents

A printed bedspread, like this distinctive botanical design, does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to décor.

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Incorporate Prints on Accent Pieces

DIY floral lampshade
Place of My Taste

But prints aren't reserved for the bedcovers. They're just as arresting when set on a modern-shaped lampshade.

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Work the Walls

Girl's room with bright colors and metallic sconces

Nightstands and adjustable lamps affixed to walls smartly save space in a small room.

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Reveal a Personal Side

Classic bedroom in grays, blues, whites
Christopher Testani

Your bedroom should express your personality (not just design principles), so feel free to go a little off-center, as with the art here.

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Decorate With Consistency

Bedroom with romantic elements. pinks, blues
Christopher Testani

Note that the soft curves of the headboard are echoed by the feminine details in the bedding.

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Make Your Bedroom Comfy

Allswell classic bedding set
Courtesy of Allswell

Top your bed with covers made for snuggling, like a down comforter. For total indulgence, choose ultra-soft eiderdown.

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Choose a Focal Point

Bedroom with natural materials, soft warm colors
Christopher Testani

A beautiful piece of furniture becomes the focal point when embellished in gorgeous hardware and leather. Try positioning your bed at an angle to save space in a tight room.

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Keep Scale in Mind

Natural Bedroom

Gauge the size of your bedside lamp by the scale of your bed: A four-poster would call for a big fixture; for a low bed, choose something smaller.

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Introduce Pops of Color

Sugar & Cloth Bedroom Reveal
Sugar & Cloth

If you want color without an all-out commitment, inject hits of it with your art and accessories.

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Pay Attention to the Floor

Charlie's Bedroom
Tessa Neustadt

A cheery striped rug is like a burst of sunshine in a low-key room. A 4-by-6-foot rug by the bed is ideal for most bedrooms.

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Layer With Color

ben higgins lauren bushnell bedroom
Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

At the bold end of the scale, go for saturation with a favorite color. Use a variety of tones and textures to give your room a layered feel.

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Add Warmth With Neutrals

Light airy bedroom with pillows and throws
Carlsson, Peter/Getty Images

That idea works just as well with neutrals. Here, the neutral duvet and natural-lit room create a cozy atmosphere.

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Don't Be Afraid of Color

Joy Cho Bedroom
Photo by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy!

According to lifestyle expert Joy Cho, "A good way to give your room a fun splash of color without being too overwhelming is to color block the wall by painting just the lower half. We chose a happy banana yellow and left the top half white to keep it bright and simple."

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Reinvent Your Safe Haven

Purple bedroom

Tuck a chair into a corner seat for an instant resting spot. Lush silk draperies turn the room into a cocoon.

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Personalize Your Space

Millennial Pink Bedroom
Hero Images/Getty Images

Mix in offbeat pieces for an eclectic look, like a shabby-chic headboard in an eye-catching gingham print.

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Turn Photos Into Art

Art wall

Make your most personal space even more so with artwork of those you love...

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Transform Photos in Meaningful Ways

Photo Block Family Photos
We Are Scout

…or framed cameos of your favorite memories.

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Make Rest a Priority

flowers nightstand

Your bedroom should be your retreat, a sanctuary for peaceful reading, writing, studying, and resting. Set fresh flowers on your nightstand to boost your mood.

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