I Never Knew How Much Bedding Influenced My Insomnia Until I Tried These Cooling Bamboo Sheets

Even my partner won't stop talking about them.

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Bamboo Sheet Set
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Rarely does bedding come up when you talk about solutions for insomnia. In the 20 or so years I've dealt with the condition, the choice of fabric I was sleeping on each night seemed to sneak by while I was asked questions and showered in suggestions for meditation, prescriptions, noise machines, CBD oils, supplements, and eye masks. In fact, I wasn't really looking for a solution when I had the chance to test out a sheet set that completely changed my view on what a difference bedding can make.

After making my bed with Cozy Earth's bamboo sheet set, I cozied up and fell fast asleep. I was thoroughly impressed that despite them not being made of silk or cotton with an extremely high thread count, they were so soft. That's all in thanks to the bamboo-based viscose they're made of. The pillowcase was comparable to the silk one I normally use and I felt like I was wrapped in a little bamboo cocoon.

Bamboo Sheet Set

To buy: $280 (was $349); cozyearth.com.

I like to feel warm and cozy when I sleep and I always assumed any kind of cooling sheets would make me feel as if I was snoozing in the Arctic. But the current bedspread I had wasn't doing much for anyone. My partner was constantly sweating through the sheets and I wasn't sleeping much anyway because of insomnia. One night was all it took to see a difference.

The first night (also wrapped in the brand's bamboo pajamas) I slept like a baby and felt comfortable throughout—no sweating or shivering. I was having a hard time believing that bamboo fabric was solely responsible for tackling my insomnia, but nothing else in my routine had changed. Then, after several mornings of my partner raving about the sheets over breakfast, and mentioning that he was no longer waking up drenched in sweat, I knew it wasn't a fluke. I was sleeping better, too. It's not just us either. Oprah Winfrey also loves these washable sheets, and so do thousands of reviewers.

"Oprah is so right—Cozy Earth sheets are absolutely the softest, best ever sheets!" described one happy reviewer. "Worth the hype, worth the price," added another. "We've never slept better. Like slipping into heaven and drifting off to dream." Others mentioned that these sheets kept them cool and comfortable through heat waves, hot flashes, and painful skin condition flare-ups. One shopper even purchased six sets to dole out to family members at Christmas (lucky them!).

Are sheets normally something I'd splurge on? Most definitely not. But after years and years of spending money trying to get some shut-eye, I wish I would've known how positively this one-time splurge on bedding would impact my quality of sleep. Plus, every set is currently discounted now, giving you even more reason to shop.

Treat yourself to a luxurious set of sheets before the sale ends—you don't want to miss out on the discount or waste any more nights not sleeping soundly (and maybe grab the slinky soft comforter, too).

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