Here's why linen isn't just for summer anymore. 

By Katie Holdefehr
January 17, 2019
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As a home editor who loves to test out the latest, most innovative bedding—hello, indigo-dyed duvets and luxurious silk pillowcases—there's one longstanding bedding rule that, up until a couple weeks ago, I hadn't yet thrown out the window. Believing that cooling linen bed sheets are best for summer and that cozy flannel sheets are ideal for winter, I would loyally make the switch to linen as soon as the hot weather hit each spring, without ever considering leaving them on year-round. After all, why would I stick with breathable, lightweight linen when I could snuggle up with a warmer alternative on the chilliest nights of the year? But when I got a brand-new set of linen sheets with the delivery of my cloud-like Parachute Mattress a couple weeks ago, I couldn't resist putting on the fitted sheet right away. Fortunately, it led to an important discovery: Linen fitted sheets are the best option, all year long. 

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For years I'd suspected that linen sheets would leave me feeling chilly on cold winter nights. But in reality, when paired with a heavier-weight top sheet and my usual winter duvet and throw blanket, I found that linen was the perfect lower layer. Since linen is breathable, it kept me cool even when I started to sweat in the middle of the night. When you sleep with both a heavyweight fitted sheet and top sheet, do you ever wake up overheated? Here's the solution: hang on to the warm top sheet, but switch out the bottom sheet for a fresh linen one. You'll stay cozy all night, but the breathable layer will help you keep your cool. 

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After trying this sheet combo for nearly two weeks now, I don't think I'm ever going back. To test it for yourself, look for a bedding company that sells fitted sheets and top sheets separately, like Parachute does ($110, For a cohesive look, order a fitted sheet in a color that matches your current bedding set. And if you really tend to sleep hot, pair your new linen fitted sheet with a linen or silk pillowcase that lets your skin breathe. The secret trick to a cozy winter bed that won't make you overheat is to not be afraid to mix materials—don't worry, as long as you stick to a color scheme, your bed will look as good as it feels.