7 Clever Clocks

Is your New Year's resolution to be more punctual? Use one of these pieces to help make that a reality in 2016.


Bugle Alarm Clock


With a beautiful old-school design and an alarm that sounds like a vintage telephone ring, this is the ultimate antique-inspired timepiece.

To buy: $55, momastore.org.

Photo by momastore.org

Copper Alarm Clock


A classic round alarm clock with a copper finish—it's a luxe-looking accessory without the hefty price tag.

To buy: $40, thedesigngiftshop.com.

Photo by thedesigngiftshop.com

White Marble Clock on Stand


This sleek, sophisticated white marble clock strikes a balance of form and function. Display it on top of you mantel or on a bookshelf with other decorative pieces.

To buy: $50, pier1.com.

Photo by pier1.com


Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light


The brightness of this light clock slowly increases about 30 minutes prior to the time of your alarm, waking you up gradually instead of with one jarring loud noise.

To buy: $170, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Braun Alarm Clock


This compact clock is easy to pack in a suitcase but works well as an everyday clock too, with easy-to-read numbers and a crescendo alarm.

To buy: $40, amazon.com.

Photo by cb2.com

Super Bright LED Ellipse Blue Clock


Bold and bright, this digital clock is easy to see from a distance. Mount it on a wall and watch the surrounding dots light up one at a time—each one represents a second—until the minute is complete.

To buy: $119, wayfair.com.

Photo by wayfair.com


Bubble II Alarm Clock in Pebble White


Travel back in time with this retro accessory. With a stark white silicone design plus a pop of red (the hands), it’s a striking piece for a nightstand.

To buy: $40, burkedecor.com.

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Photo by burkedecor.com