The new lamp, called Glow, aims to sync with your circadian rhythm to help you sleep more soundly and wake up with more energy.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 30, 2019
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If our coworkers, friends, and viral memes are any indication, many of us are tired. Like all the time. And besides the sneaky reasons we may be fatigued, there are several factors that could be hindering our sleep—and they're hiding right in our bedrooms. Casper solved one of the common problems, an uncomfortable and unsupportive mattress, with its award-winning mattresses. But now the company is taking the quest for truly restful sleep one step further by introducing a new smart sleep lamp called Glow ($129, Designed to sync with your circadian rhythm, this smart lamp could be the secret to your best night's sleep yet.

To put the new light to the test, Real Simple's home director, Stephanie Sisco, added two of the lamps to her bedside tables. "At first, I was skeptical, wondering how the Glow was going to be any better or different from your typical bedside lamp," Sisco admits. "The minute I set up the pair flanking my bed, my mind was changed. The lamps are unobtrusive (perfect for small space living) and I love how you can change the brightness of the lamp," she says. The lamp's cute design and small dimensions (it's just 5-by-4 inches) had passed the design test, now it was time to put it to the sleep test.

Using different settings for morning and night, Sisco was able to sync the light up to her routine. "I turn it on full blast in the morning for a jolt of energy and, at night, use it to wind me down after a day of work. Over an hour, the light gradually fades, lulling me into a tired state," she explains. If you're someone who has trouble winding down at the end of the night, set the dimmer function for 15 minutes or up to an hour an a half before the time you'd like to be asleep. While staring at bright light (especially blue light emitted by your phone or tv) has been shown to hinder sleep patterns, the dimming glow will cue your body for bed. Want to establish a healthier bedtime routine? Vow to put down your phone and stop checking emails during this time, too.

An added bonus: if you wake up in the middle of the night, this bedside lamp doubles as a portable nightlight. "If I need a 'flashlight' for midnight trips to the kitchen or bathroom, I just pick up the Glow from its base and give it a gentle shake so it emits a subtle glow, just bright enough to illuminate my path," Sisco says. Because this grownup nightlight only turns on when you shake it, it won't disrupt your sleep in the same way a traditional nightlight might. Plus, when on the lowest setting, the soft glow is less likely to wake your partner up, so everyone can catch a few more z's.

Want to take this lamp to the next level? Hook it up to the corresponding app so you can customize your bedtime and morning routine according to your own schedule. You can also connect several lamps, like a light on each bedside table, so your entire bedroom is synced to your circadian rhythm.

The Casper Glow Light

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