The BlanQuil weighted blanket is a fan-favorite, and it’s available at a great price for four days only.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 28, 2019
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BlanQuil Weighted Blanket on Sale at Sam's Club

Weighted blanket converts and skeptics alike can enjoy this deal: For a limited time, the BlanQuil weighted blanket is on sale for $70 less than its usual retail price. For any weighted blanket for adults that will be long-lasting, upwards of $200 is a typical price, but this deal puts the fan-favorite BlanQuil at just under $100—an absolute steal, considering the blanket’s popularity. (Thousands of people look it up every month.)

This fantastic deal comes courtesy of Sam’s Club, the bulk club that offers deals on everything from travel to super-sized packs of paper towels. Sam’s Club has a Shocking Values section, where limited-time deals (updated daily) appear, and right now, one of those Shocking Values is a $99.98 BlanQuil weighted blanket.

The blanket weigh 20 pounds, so it would be appropriate for adults weighing around 200 pounds or anyone seeking an extra-heavy weighted blanket. It’s available with a removable cover that comes in one of two colors, gray or taupe, for four days only. The deal ends Monday, April 1, so anyone interested will need to act fast. (And no, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke.) This particular blanket typically costs $169, so the current special from Sam’s Club offers it at a 40 percent discount.

Of course there’s a catch: Sam’s Club is, traditionally, a members-only store. You can create a guest account to order the blanket, but you’ll end up paying 10 percent more. While this would still be a great deal on the blanket, Sam’s Club members will certainly get the best savings; Sam’s Club Plus members can even get the blanket shipped for free. And don’t try to stock up for everyone in the neighborhood on a single membership—purchases are limited to a maximum of five blankets per order.

Weighted blankets, especially high-quality, durable ones, tend to be pricey—the best-selling Gravity Blanket costs $249. With that in mind, less than $100 for a BlanQuil weighted blanket doesn’t seem so bad. And who knows: One weighted blanket purchase might lead to more, especially for those committed to spreading better sleep to everyone in the house. Just make sure to learn how to wash a weighted blanket properly to make them last as long as possible.