Mattress Brands Are Majorly Marked Down for Black Friday—Including Casper and Purple

Save up to 35 percent on a new bed.
By Megan Griffith
Updated September 14, 2021
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Investing in better sleep doesn't have to break your budget. Top online mattress brands are offering incredible Black Friday mattress deals this holiday season with all different types of beds—including memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid options—on sale for a fraction of the usual cost.

To make things easier during this year's busy holiday season, the experts at Mattress Advisor have rounded up 14 of the best Black Friday mattress deals for all kinds of people, from couples to kids, from side sleepers to hot sleepers. Keep scrolling to find the best new bed for you.

Top Black Friday Mattress Sales to Shop

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saatva mattress

Best Affordable Luxury: Saatva Classic

$1,229 (originally $1,499) for a queen,

Saatva is known for its luxurious yet affordable mattresses that bring a hotel-style sleep experience to your bedroom. This Black Friday, Saatva is offering $200 off any mattress purchase of $1,000 or more. The brand's flagship model is the Saatva Classic, a hybrid mattress, made with both springs and memory foam. Mattress Advisor gave the Saatva Classic a 9.5 out of 10 for spine alignment, which means back and side sleepers alike will snooze comfortably and wake up pain-free.

casper mattress

Best Memory Foam: Casper Original

$876 (originally $1,095) for a queen,

The Casper Original combines the comfort of memory foam with the convenience of a bed-in-box mattress. For sleepers who like a cushioning, contouring effect but don't want to feel like they're sinking in the bed, this is a great option. In fact, the Casper Original earned a perfect score on responsiveness, meaning it adapts to your movements as you get comfortable almost immediately, regardless of your sleeping position. Right now, you can get 20 percent off any mattress purchase with code BLACKFRIDAY20.

nectar mattress

Best for Side Sleepers: Nectar

$799 (originally $1,298) for a queen,

Side sleepers concentrate all their weight onto their hips and shoulders, so they need a mattress that relieves pressure in these areas. The Nectar is a highly responsive memory foam mattress that earned excellent results in the Mattress Advisor pressure relief test. Its soft yet supportive layers also keep sleepers' spines aligned throughout the night. In addition to slashing the price, Nectar's Black Friday deal throws in $399 worth of accessories with your mattress purchase, including two pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector.

dreamcloud premier mattress

Best Hybrid: DreamCloud Premier

$1,199 (originally $1,399) for a queen,

Hybrid mattresses incorporate materials from memory foam, innerspring, and latex beds to create the best combination of support and comfort. Each hybrid is different, but the DreamCloud Premier shines. It's made with springs and a variety of foams to help limit motion transfer (so when your partner moves around you won't feel it on your side of the bed) and provide extra cushion. You can get a DreamCloud Premier mattress for $200 off, plus free pillows, a mattress protector, and a luxury sheet set all valued at $399.

helix midnight luxe mattress

Best Cooling Mattress: Helix Midnight Luxe

$1,649 (originally $1,849) for a queen,

Memory foam is comfy and cozy, but it's not always the best at temperature regulation, which can be a big problem for hot sleepers. Breathable mattresses, like the Helix Midnight Luxe, are for people who are concerned about sleeping hot. This hybrid mattress is made with springs and cooling gel memory foam, and it earned a nearly perfect score in cooling during the Mattress Advisor test. Get up to $200 off the mattress, plus two free pillows, when you shop the Helix Black Friday sale.

leesa mattress

Most Responsive: Leesa Original

$849 (originally $999) for a queen,

The Leesa is a memory foam mattress that excels in temperature regulation, spinal alignment, and, most notably, responsiveness. That's what makes it a particularly good option for people who tend to toss and turn, or couples who want their mattress to have a little bounce for sex. The Leesa is made of responsive materials that bounce back quickly when pressure is applied, preventing restless sleepers from feeling trapped in one position. It's the perfect intersection of softness and support, allowing you to move around comfortably without the extra sink. Depending on which size mattress you purchase, you could get up to $200 off select mattresses during the Black Friday sale.

purple mattress

Best for Back Pain: Purple

$1,049 (originally $1,149) for a queen,

Purple makes a mattress unlike any other, and it turns out this unique construction can offer some relief for people who experience back pain. The Purple mattress features a special grid layer made from a hyperelastic, bouncy polymer. This material absorbs and redistributes pressure to prevent it from building up in your pressure points, like your shoulders or hips. Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial so you can test it out and confirm it's the right bed for you. And right now, you can get $100 off plus a sleep accessory bundle.

bear mattress

Best for Athletes: Bear Hybrid

$1,112 (originally $1,390) for a queen;

Athletes and people with a particularly active lifestyle may not think that they need anything special from their mattress, but Bear disagrees. Bear mattresses are made with a material that aims to improve recovery and reduce soreness after a workout. With Bear's 10-year warranty, you can recover comfortably for a decade or more. Use the code BF20 to get 20 percent off any mattress as well as a free pillow and sheet set.

nolah mattress

Best Soft Mattress: Nolah Original 10"

$799 (originally $1,049) for a queen,

One of the easiest ways to make sure your mattress has plenty of support and provides proper spine alignment is to get a firm or medium-firm mattress. But what if you prefer a soft, plush feel from your bed? In that case, try the Nolah Original 10" mattress. It has a luxuriously soft feel, but it received great scores on responsiveness and spine alignment. Now through Black Friday, you can get up to $250 off plus two free pillows, making Nolah's soft, supportive mattress even more affordable.

layla sleep mattress

Best Customizable: Layla

$899 (originally $1,049) for a queen,

Have you ever been shopping for a new bed only to find the absolutely perfect mattress with the wrong firmness level? With Layla, that won't be a problem. The Layla mattress comes with two different firmness options. One side is medium-soft while the other is medium-firm, so there really is something for everyone. Want even more customization? You can also get the Layla adjustable base so you can change your position and sit up comfortably in bed. Best of all, Layla is offering $150 off this Black Friday.

brooklyn bedding signature hybrid mattress

Best for Stomach Sleepers: Brooklyn Signature

$699 (originally $999) for a queen,

Stomach sleepers have unique sleep needs that differ slightly from those of back sleepers or side sleepers. When you sleep on your stomach, there's an increased chance of your lower back sinking too much into the mattress and putting unnecessary pressure on your hips and back. The best way to avoid this (and the related back pain) is with a firmer mattress. Many mattresses are medium-firm, but the Brooklyn Signature mattress comes in a truly firm option with a quilted premium topper to keep you comfortable. This Black Friday, Brooklyn Bedding is offering everything from mattresses to bed frames at 30 percent off.

tuft needle mattress

Best for Kids: Tuft and Needle Original

$476 (originally $595) for a queen,

Tuft & Needle mattresses are great for sleepers of all ages, but the affordable price tag makes the T&N Original a great option for growing kids who can outgrow mattresses in a few years. That way you're not investing too much money in something that won't get its full use. Plus, the Tuft & Needle construction is perfect for lightweight sleepers like children. With two foam layers, children will feel cushioned, while a base layer will keep them supported. The already affordable Tuft & Needle mattresses are an additional 20 percent off for Black Friday.

puffy mattress

Best for Couples: Puffy

$850 (originally $1,150) for a queen,

It can be tricky to find the right mattress for a couple, especially if both people have very different sleep positions or preferences. Puffy makes it easier. The Puffy Original is incredibly responsive and motion isolating, making it super easy to shift and change positions without disrupting your partner. It's the best of both worlds for couples, and right now it's available for $300 off, plus a free pillow.

cocoon mattress

Best Firm Mattress: Cocoon Chill

$599 (originally $930) for a queen,

The Cocoon by Sealy is a great mattress for people who like a firm bed instead of a plush one. It actually comes in two firmness options, but the firm one is better for those who still want a memory foam mattress but would rather feel like they're sleeping "on" their bed rather than "in" it. The firmness of the Cocoon mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers. Thanks to its supportive foam makeup, it provides incredible spine alignment to help prevent and reduce back pain. The pre-Black Friday price on this affordable mattress is already less than $1,000 for a queen, but now you can get it for an additional 35 percent off.

Megan Griffith (she/her) is a professional lifestyle writer for Mattress Advisor. As a new mom, she understands the importance of a good night's sleep, and she loves to write about the importance of rest.