14 Cooling Comforters That Will Keep You Sweat-Free All Night Long

These bedclothes make it easy to stay cool, man. (Even the weighted option.)

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Optimize your bedroom for better sleep by investing in one of the best cooling comforters. Believe it or not, cooling comforters and bed sheets aren't just for the warmer months—while some people only swap out their warmer, thicker winter blankets for a cooling comforter in the summer, many love the relaxing, cooling effect of these light comforters year-round.

We evaluated options based on their value for money, ease of care, comfort, and durability to find the best cooling comforter to add to your bedtime routine. And just like other types of comforters, cooling comforters come in a variety of sizes, colors, and material options, so you'll have no trouble finding one that works best for your body and matches your bedroom decor.

Here, you'll find 14 cooling comforters that'll help you get a better night's sleep through every season. And the best part is, they're all highly rated by customers, so you can trust that they'll work. Take your pick and finally say goodbye to night sweats for good.

Best Lightweight Comforter

Brooklinen Down Comforter

Brooklinen Down Comforter


Brooklinen's down comforter has more than 1,100 five-star reviews from customers, and for good reason—the coveted bedding brand has successfully created a comforter that's lightweight and cozy, without being too heavy. With a soft, 400 thread-count cotton outer layer and fluffy down interior, this super comfortable blanket will become a staple on your bed during any time of year. Select the "lightweight" option, then take your pick between three sizes. And the best part is Brooklinen's comforter received a perfect score on value for money.

Shoppers rave over how lightweight the comforter feels, while still keeping them at the perfect temperature all night. One user said the blanket felt like "sleeping on a cloud," and another reviewer said, "Recently purchased the lightweight down comforter and it couldn't be more perfect! My fiancé and I both sleep pretty warm and this provides a cozy yet cool bed—no matter what the crazy SF weather delivers. Paired it with a linen duvet for ultimate comfort, we haven't slept this well in months!"

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter with Duvet Tabs, Queen


The best-selling comforter on Amazon, this option from Linenspa has more than 1,800 five-star ratings on the site. It's filled with a plush down alternative that's hypoallergenic and a soft, microfiber material that'll feel cool and light on your skin. The queen-size quilted comforter is also reversible, so you can alternate between two colors. What's more, it's machine-washable and includes eight built-in loops around the perimeter in case you want to use it as a cozy duvet insert instead of a standalone blanket. Visit Linenspa's Amazon storefront to browse the full selection of colors and sizes this comforter comes in.

"Best lightweight comforter ever!" said one shopper, who continued, "Exactly what I was looking for! I live in Miami so I've always been looking for bedding that won't capture too much heat or any at all. I've tried a bunch in the past but THIS IS IT. It's truly lightweight and perfect to put inside a duvet. It lays pretty flat and isn't puffy or thick."

Best Weighted Option

Luna Organic Cooling Cotton Weighted Blanket

Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket


This comforter is made with a cooling cotton material and doubles as a 15- or 20-pound weighted blanket, so it really gives you the best of both worlds. With tiny hypoallergenic and non-toxic glass beads woven in to make it weighted, the blanket's outer fabric features a 400 thread-count that's pretty much guaranteed to feel breathable and keep you cool on even the hottest of nights. The 60-by-80-inch weighted blanket promises equal weight distribution throughout and uses the brand's signature cooling technology to regulate temperature—in other words, you can expect to sleep like a baby with this cozy blanket.

One reviewer called this "the weighted blanket I've been looking for!" and said, "After much research, I decided to buy the Luna weighted blanket and I am so genuinely happy with my decision. I considered this to be an investment and wanted to make a smart purchase from the right brand. I think the Luna 15-pound weighted blanket is amazing because the weight is evenly distributed and sewn throughout the blanket, unlike other blankets I looked at! The material is soft and cool to the touch which is a huge plus. I definitely would (and have) recommended this product to my friends and family."

Best for Temperature Regulation

Clima Balance Lightweight Down Alternative Cooling Comforter

Climabalance Hypoallergenic Comforter

Clima Balance

Temperature-regulating with mesh panels for added breathability, this comforter is as cool as it gets. The innovative design uses a hypoallergenic polyester material paired with mesh pockets throughout the blanket to regulate temperature, prevent night sweats, and keep you comfortable. It's also filled with a soft Sensofill material that makes the comforter as plush and cozy as it is breathable. Available in five size options, it has a collective 4.4-star rating from hundreds of Amazon reviewers who rave over how effective it is for hot and sweaty sleepers.

"My hubby gets hot when he sleeps. This blanket is PERFECT for him because it's lightweight and has the netting squares to allow for airflow and let his body heat escape while he sleeps," said one shopper. "Best buy in a long time!"

Best Throw

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket with Cover

Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort

Available in weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds, this cooling throw blanket from Degrees of Comfort gives you the calming benefits of a weighted blanket without the extra heat. It's filled with tiny ceramic beads that distribute weight evenly across the blanket, while the 100 percent cotton outer layer offers a silky-smooth cooling effect. The 36-by-48 inch size makes it perfect to use as a throw blanket, and it includes an optional tie-on cover that's made with a moisture-wicking nylon and polyester fabric blend.

More than 7,000 Amazon shoppers left the blanket a positive review. Many shoppers specifically love the two cover options, saying the polyester-nylon one is super soft and fuzzy—making it ideal for times you want a little more warmth—and the cotton one is super breathable. One reviewer said: "The covers that come with it are very good quality and the ties are strong. The furry one feels so soft, and the cooler one is smooth and does actually feel cool. There's no reason you shouldn't buy this blanket, you'll love it, and if you don't the customer service will do what they can to make it right."

Most Breathable

Buffy Breeze Comforter

The Buffy Breeze Comforter

 Courtesy of Buffy

From coveted bedding brand Buffy, this soft comforter is made of 100 percent eucalyptus for its cooling properties. Available in three sizes, the cooling blanket is sustainably made and cruelty-free (similar to the rest of Buffy's products). And since the fill and outer shell use no other material besides eucalyptus, the blanket is naturally breathable and temperature-regulating—making it a perfect option for humid summer nights and hot sleepers. If you'd like to round out your summertime bedding with a sheet set that's equally cooling, Buffy also makes eucalyptus sheets to go with this comforter.

More than 5,000 shoppers left the blanket a collective 4.7-star rating on Buffy's site, with many specifically calling out how soft and cool the material feels. One person said it's "a great weight and very cooling and comfortable for the summer."

Best with Duvet Cover

Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket


Gravity is one of the most popular and well-known names in the weighted blanket marketplace, and now, the brand sells a cooling version of its signature Gravity blanket that's "redesigned for sweat-free slumber." Available in weights ranging from 15 to 25 pounds, it's made with the same glass bead filling as Gravity's other weighted options but adds an optional sweat-wicking duvet cover to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The breathable cover attaches easily to the blanket with a combination of ties and buttons, and it's even machine-washable.

One reviewer said the comforter gave them "the best sleep in years" and wrote: "Really enjoy this blanket! I really have noticed that I sleep so much better at night and don't sweat or get hot at all! I'll be curious to see how it handles in the winter but for now I keep a perfect temp all night long."

Softest Comforter

Parachute Percale Duvet Cover

Parachute Percale Duvet Cover


Treat yourself to hotel-quality bedding with Parachute Home's percale comforter that's ultra-soft thanks to its luxurious Egyptian cotton material. The high-end fabric is naturally lightweight and breathable, resulting in a silk-like texture that's cool to the touch. This luxe duvet cover is available in three sizes and eight muted tones, so you won't have any trouble finding the right fit to match your existing bedding.

Hundreds of happy shoppers rave over the quality and softness of this duvet cover, with many pointing out that it's well worth the price. One reviewer called it an "amazing duvet for hot sleepers" and said, "If you sleep hot like me, even in the winter, stop what you're doing and buy this duvet. It is worth every penny. I haven't slept this well in years!" Another said it's "like sleeping in a cloud."

Best Duvet

Purple Lightweight Duvet

Purple Lightweight Duvet


This cozy duvet from Purple is made with a hypoallergenic down alternative that gives it a soft and fluffy feel. The comforter comes in three sizes—twin, full, or king—and gives you the option of a 'lightweight' or 'all-season' blanket cover. We'd recommend going with the lightweight cover, which is made of 100 percent cotton, for a breathable and cooling blanket that'll keep your body at a comfortable temperature as you sleep (especially during the summer).

Owners of the blanket love how comfortable and luxe it is, with some people comparing it to the fluffy bedding you'd expect in a five-star hotel. Others say it's "perfect for summer" because it doesn't cause them to overheat.

Best Down Alternative

COHOME Cooling Down Alternative Comforter

COHOME Cooling Down Alternative Comforter


Nearly 5,000 Amazon shoppers love this affordable down alternative comforter for keeping them cool throughout the night. It combines an outer layer of lightweight brushed cotton with fluffy microfiber filling for a comfortable blanket that's super breathable. The best part? It's machine-washable and can be used on its own or as a duvet insert.

"I am a hot sleeper and just wanted something that made me feel like I was sleeping in a hotel bed! Therefore, I was looking for something fluffy and soft yet cooling, and this looked like a good option," said one reviewer. "It's SO SOFT and silky but really cool to the touch! It's perfectly fluffy but not to the point where it makes you warm. Huge improvement from my last comforter!"

Best for Summer

Ntcoco Lightweight Comforter

Ntcoco Lightweight Comforter


If you're in need of a barely there comforter for summer, consider this ultra-thin option from Ntcoco. Made of soft 100 percent cotton fabric, the quilted blanket is perfect for those who don't like sleeping under thick comforters but still prefer the feeling of something covering them as they drift off. It's conveniently machine-washable and comes with two matching pillowcases in the same material. Reviewers seem to be in agreement that the super thin construction makes it feel exceptionally lightweight, so it's ideal for sweaty sleepers and hot climates.

Hundreds left five-star ratings, calling it "perfect for summer" and "worth the money."

One person said: "It gets hot living in Florida regardless of the month or time of day. I was looking for something that was soft and comfortable, but wouldn't make me sweat at night or during a midday nap. This comfortable is incredibly lightweight, but still has the appearance of a plush comforter. It is thin and thankfully doesn't make me overheat at night."

Best Fluffy Comforter

Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store Luxurious All-Season Goose Down Feather Fiber Comforter

Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Down Comforter

Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store

This plush Egyptian cotton comforter with 2,000 perfect ratings is ideal for those who want their bed to feel like a "puffy, soft cloud," as one shopper described. Along with the breathable cotton shell that has a pinch pleat design, the luxe comforter is filled with goose down that's hypoallergenic and ethically sourced, according to the brand.

Not only does it feel fluffy, but "the pinch pleat design makes it look fluffy," too, according to one reviewer. Another said it's "not heavy or warm [but] fluffy, cool, light, and crisp," and that the material feels "soft and silky to the touch." Multiple people commented that it comes vacuum-sealed and takes a couple days to puff up, so you'll want to give it time to reach its full potential.

Best Reversible

Marchpower Cotton Cooling Blanket

Marchpower Cotton Cooling Blanket


This double-sided cooling blanket from Marchpower uses a combination of sweat-wicking nylon and the brand's signature jade-infused technology for a material that's cool to the touch. The other side is made with bamboo viscose-derived cotton that offers a bit more warmth while still remaining breathable. This allows you to alternate between sides whenever you need, so this innovative blanket is a solid year-round option.

With more than 1,900 five-star ratings, the blanket is a favorite of Amazon users. They call it "perfect for menopause night sweats" and rave over how effective its cooling technology is. "I can't believe how well this really works. I would constantly wake up feeling hot like heat was trapped under my back," wrote one. "I even have a 'cooling' mattress topper that doesn't cool. I've used this for three nights and I no longer have that issue." Another person said: "This blanket has helped me so much with night sweats and issues sleeping for after pregnancy."

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