The Best Hybrid Mattresses for Every Type of Sleeper

These beds will please side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike.
By Jillian Mueller
December 17, 2020
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If you've started looking for a new bed, you know how difficult it can be to choose among the different types of mattresses available. The best hybrid mattresses offer the best of everything: They're typically made of two or more materials so you can experience the benefit of multiple types of mattresses—such as memory foam and innerspring—in a single bed.

The expert review team at Mattress Advisor evaluated thousands of mattresses based on a 14-point test. Here are the best hybrid mattresses on the market today.

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses can suit any sleep preference, including side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers (those who switch sleep positions). Of the hybrids tested, they scored well for cooling and durability, showing that they’re great for hot sleepers, couples, and anyone who wants extra support.

Types of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrids use a combination of materials, including coils and foam. But, some hybrid mattress layers consist of different types of foam such as memory foam, latex foam, gel-infused foam, or polyurethane foam (polyfoam).


A mattress with a coil system will have a bouncy feel while sleeping cool by allowing air to flow through the bed, helping move body heat away from you. When shopping for an innerspring hybrid mattress, pay attention to the coil count—you’ll want something between 800 and 1,000 coils.

Memory Foam

Memory foam hybrids are known for their ability to prevent motion transfer across the bed. This material can feel as if the surface is hugging your curves, but foam beds have some drawbacks. Memory foam can retain heat, and it may feel too plush for some sleepers who like a firmer feel.

Latex Foam

Latex foam has a breathable, responsive, and contouring feel that cradles your curves without any sinking. It is one of the more expensive mattress materials, but synthetic latex offers many of the same benefits for a more wallet-friendly price.

Sleep Position

Side sleepers need a mattress that helps keep weight off pressure points like the hips and shoulders. A medium-firm bed with contouring comfort layers will help keep the spine propped up in a healthy posture while still relieving pressure.

Back sleepers need a mattress with a firmer feel that will keep the spine from sinking too far into the bed, preventing back pain. Stomach sleepers also need a firmer mattress to prevent any sinking plus unnecessary (and uncomfy) pressure on the back.


$1,399 for a queen,

High-quality materials, customizable firmness options, and a strong performance across the mattress review team’s testing earned the Saatva Classic the top spot on this list. It’s made with eco-friendly and durable components such as plant-based foams, two layers of steel coils, an organic cotton mattress cover, and luxe Euro pillow top. Saatva is also one of the few luxury mattress brands that will send representatives to install your new bed.


$1,849 for a queen,

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress has a balanced medium-firmness level that provides just the right support side sleepers need. A zoned lumbar support system of over 1,000 coils earned this bed a near-perfect score in the review team’s spinal alignment test, making it a great mattress for side sleepers (or virtually any sleep position). It also uses gel-infused memory foam and a quilted cooling pillow top to help regulate temperature.


$2,595 for a queen,

If you’re a hot sleeper, a cooling hybrid can help. The Casper Wave Hybrid is made of foam layers that have tiny holes to promote airflow. Several of these layers are made with latex and cooling gel, so your bed stays cool to the touch. This hybrid mattress comes wrapped in a breathable wool, rayon, and polyester mattress cover.


$1,799 for a queen,

Whether you want an eco-friendly bed or just prefer the bouncy feel of latex, the WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid has you covered. It’s made with natural materials such as organic cotton, New Zealand wool, and Talalay latex. This bed is also built with a special zoned support system to help evenly distribute weight across the bed, adding extra edge support to make it more durable.


$1,099 for a queen,

If you’re dreaming of a high-end mattress but on a tight budget, the DreamCloud hybrid is your answer. At around $1,000 for a queen, this hybrid earned top scores in the review team’s testing, with a high edge support score and outstanding performances in spine alignment and responsiveness. Adding to this mattress’s value, DreamCloud’s return policy has a year-long sleep trial and lifetime warranty, plus free sheets as part of your purchase.


$1,699 for a queen,

Couples need a mattress that isolates motion, suits two different sleep positions, and is durable enough to support double the body weight on the bed—that’s the Leesa Hybrid. It features an innerspring coil system with over 1,000 coils plus layers of polyfoam and memory foam that provide excellent motion isolation. This mattress is also breathable enough to keep you and your partner cool and comfy. The top layer of foam is aerated for extra cooling, and the bed comes wrapped in a breathable mattress cover.


$999 for a queen,

Combination sleepers are folks that don’t subscribe to just one sleep style. They’ll sleep best on a hybrid with great support and cushion. The Brooklyn Signature is a versatile mattress that comes in three firmness levels, perfect for any type of sleeper, especially those who frequently switch positions. This bed is ultra responsive, so it will spring back to support you as you move around. Its quilted topper and soft foam layers will keep you comfy in whichever way you sleep. The mattress is a steal for under $1,000 for a queen, plus free shipping and returns with every purchase sweeten the deal.


$2,299 for a queen,

The Purple Hybrid Premier contours around the curves of your spine to alleviate stress and pain as you snooze. The top layer is made with a special blend of coils and a foam grid that helped earn this mattress a near perfect score in the mattress review team’s spinal alignment testing. Sleepers with back pain can enjoy the hybrid’s plush feel without worrying about worsening it, thanks to a combination of innerspring coils and grid-shaped foam.


$1,390 for a queen,

Sleep is essential for workout enthusiasts to recover as they rest. The Bear Hybrid  features a cooling cover and gel memory foam that allows your muscles to sink into the bed without feeling sweaty, and 1,300 coils provide extra-responsive support. Support, comfort, and cooling: the perfect trifecta for restorative sleep after tough workouts.


$1,699 for a queen,

For those who need a firm mattress but still want the pressure relief of memory foam, check out the Layla Hybrid. This bed is made with a coil core topped with a layer each of zoned support foam and copper-infused foam. This design is a win-win for firm support and a gently contouring sleep surface. If you are on the fence about investing in a firm mattress, you can test drive it with the flippable Layla Hybrid. It’s softer on the medium-firm side and truly firm on the other.

Jillian Mueller is a health and lifestyle writer for Mattress Advisor.