These Are the Best Bed Sheets for Your Sleep Personality

Are you a snuggly flannel or a crisp, cool cotton person?

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When we're on the hunt for the dreamiest set of bed sheets, we chat a lot about thread count and quality and material—but there's one factor many fail to mention: your sleep personality. The truth is, many of us have very different opinions on what the ultimate set of bed sheets should feel like. Some like to wrap themselves in soft, cuddly flannel, while others prefer lightweight, ultra-breathable cotton. To find your dream bed sheets and get the best night's sleep possible, you'll have to start by identifying your own sleep personality.

You may already know your sleep personality (I'll take a crisp percale over a silky sateen any day!), but if you're not sure, the questions below can help guide you. From there, check out our bed sheet recommendations below, arranged by personality type.

  • Do you often wake up hot or sweating in the middle of the night?
  • Close your eyes and think of adjectives that describe your favorite bedding. What words come to mind? (Is it "smooth" or "soft" or "lightweight" or "comforting" or "velvety"?)
  • Do you switch out your bedding between winter and summer? (Your sleep personality may shift with the seasons.)
  • On a scale from crisp to silky, how do you like your bed sheets to feel?
  • Do you want your sheets to feel ultra-soft from day one, or are you okay with the process of breaking them in?

Best for: Those Who Sleep Hot

Percale Bed Sheets

About you: You love the classics, and to you, a good bed sheet has to be made of breathable, lightweight cotton (no synthetics around here, please!).

Your dream bedding: When we think of the quintessential cotton bed sheet, it's likely percale we're dreaming of. It's known for being light and breathable, so it will keep you cool, even through the hottest nights of summer. Percale is smooth to the touch, but not as buttery as sateen. And while it's crisp, it's not as robust and durable as linen. In terms of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, percale lands right in the middle, it's "just right."

To buy: $200 per sheet set,

Best for: Fans of Buttery Smooth Sheets

Best sateen bed sheets, pale blue

About you: Sheets that are silky smooth are a must for you. You want a set that feels timeless, luxurious. Synthetic fibers need not apply.

Your dream bedding: A tighter weave of cotton than percale, sateen is exceptionally smooth to the touch. But because they're crafted from 100 percent cotton, they're still breathable. These will give your bed that five-star hotel vibe.

To buy: $240 per set,

Best for: Those Who Want Breathable Sheets That Last Forever

Best linen bed sheets from Parachute

About you: You're all about natural materials and things that last. You don't mind the process, and believe good sheets (like good wines and cast iron pans) get better with age. You like a crisp, breathable bed sheets. And for those who care about how a bed looks just as much as how it feels: linen is a timeless classic and comes in some of the prettiest shades (look for pale blues, blush, and soft grays).

Your dream bedding: While brand new linen can feel almost too crisp, it will get softer with age and after several washes, and is known for its durability. Linen is often recommended for summer bedding, because the looser cotton weave makes linen breathable.

To buy: $419 for full sheet set,

Best for: Those Who Like Soft Sheets (And Dream of a Good Deal)

Microfiber Bed Sheets

About you: You're never going to be able to sleep soundly on a set of sheets you paid too much for. You want the perfect blend of affordability and comfort, but natural fibers and luxurious details are less important to you.

Your dream bedding: Tens of thousands of Amazon reviewers agree: These top-rated microfiber sheets are soft and comfortable, and surprisingly breathable for synthetic fiber bedding. The $30 price seals the deal.

To buy: $30,

Best for: Those Who Like Cozy Sheets That Feel Lived-In

Blue jersey cotton bed sheets

About you: You love bed sheets that feel like you're sleeping in your most worn-in T-shirt. For you, comfort is king. You'll give up some breathability in favor of bedding that's ultra-soft and drapes around you.

Your dream bedding: Cotton jersey sheets are a popular choice for college dorms, but who says you can't stick with this comforting bedding as an adult? Jersey is soft to the touch and comforting to snuggle up in. Bonus: This set is incredibly affordable.

To buy: From $35,

Best for: Those With Allergies or Sensitive Skin

Aizome bedding in cream

About you: All-natural and chemical-free is the way to be. You may have sensitive skin or allergies, and want eco-friendly bedding that's gentle on your skin and the environment.

Your dream bedding: Made from unbleached organic cotton and natural indigo dye, this Japanese sheet set is naturally antibacterial and contains no chemicals. It was also recently approved by the National Eczema Association. Plus, it's the perfect balance of soft and crisp.

To buy:

Best for: Snuggly Sleepers Who Don't Mind Warmth

Striped flannel bed sheets

About you: Your ideal bed sheets are soft and cuddly. You love to fall asleep wrapped up in warm bedding, yet rarely wake up overheated. You might switch out to cooler bedding in the summer—or if the AC is cranked up, you'll happily snuggle up in this cozy set all year long.

Your dream bedding: Opt for flannel, which is thicker and warmer than other bed sheets. Plus, this set is brushed on both sides for extra softness.

To buy: $129 for sheet set,

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