We've rounded up gorgeous bedroom color schemes to inspire you to transform (or simply tweak) your space.

By Alex Richards
December 26, 2018
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Whether you're moving into a new home or planning to redesign your space, chances are you're thinking about bedroom color schemes. No matter how much time you spend in the living room or kitchen, the bedroom is the first and last thing you see every day, so you want a well-designed space without any clutter at all. Depending on your personality, you may want a bright color scheme for your bedroom, or perhaps something a bit more Zen to help you catch your zzz’s. Keep in mind, bedroom décor isn’t just about the paint. Of course, it’s important to choose the right hue for your walls (even just an accent wall), but it is details like your bed frame, dresser, pillows, and artwork that can make your bedroom space unique to you. The perfect bedroom color scheme should bring you joy and incorporate colors and textures that you love.

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From blue and gray color schemes to vibrant yellows, here are seven chic and classy bedroom ideas that will inspire you to create the perfect palate for your boudoir.

Bedroom Color Scheme #1: Gray

This gray bedroom color scheme is anything but drab. At once both neutral and refreshing, light gray offers a smoky level of sophistication that works well in any bedroom, and won’t overshadow you when you’re getting ready for work or a night out. The heather rug, duvet and pillows ground the white walls, curtains and bedspread, while the black four-poster bedframe and chandelier give the room dimensionality.

Bedroom Color Scheme #2: Coral

Bedroom color schemes don’t have to be dark or serious. In case you missed it, Pantone’s Color of 2019 is Living Coral, and could be the perfect burst of tropical bliss to coax you out of bed in the morning. Whether you opt for a splash of coral in the bedding, curtains, or artwork, or choose to paint from floor to ceiling, coral will give your bedroom an immediately sunny, soothing vibe.

Bedroom Color Scheme #3: Blue and Gray

If you aren’t into warm, sunshiny colors, consider working with a blue and gray color scheme for your bedroom. The calm neutrality of soft gray—think Benjamin Moore’s 2019 Color of the Year—works beautifully as an accent in this bedroom, giving off an air of cozy sophistication as it balances out the darker slate blue walls.  Light pink pillows brighten the space and act as a nice go-between to bring the whole room together.

Bedroom Color Scheme #4: Yellow

This sunshiny yellow removable wallpaper is a great way to add pop and texture to the color scheme of your bedroom. Although it’s a pretty bright choice, the yellow-and-white graphic pattern and yellow bedspread are separated by a striking white headboard and crisp sheets, allowing the room to feel fun and whimsical, without being overwhelming.

Bedroom Color Scheme #5: Olive Green

Nearly black upon first glance, this deep olive green paneled accent wall is incredibly vivid but, thanks to hints of color, the room doesn’t feel heavy or oppressive. The bedspread is a shade lighter green, differentiating it from the wall, and accent pillows in blues and pinks give the room a bold and airy feeling that go nicely with the cozy woven rug. 

Bedroom Color Scheme #6: White and Pink

For a light, bright, and ever-so-slightly girly master bedroom color scheme, think white, with a splash of pink. The walls are slightly off-white, which allows the tufted white headboard to stand out, along with a soft and fluffy blush bedspread. It’s the pillows that really give the room it’s individuality, though. Dusty rose and leopard print pillows give the room a splash of fun, while not taking away from the sophistication of the crisp, clean, white elements.

Bedroom Color Scheme #7: Black and White

Instead of letting black paint overpower the bedroom, it’s used here as an accent, complimented in small details within the room like this horizontal-striped modern bedspread and vertical-striped rug. The rest of the room stays light and natural, from the tall white bedframe to the simple wooden bench at the foot of the bed.