6 Low Cost Luxuries for Your Bedroom

Just a few minor upgrades could help turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted—and may even lead to a better night’s sleep.


100% Satin Pillowcase


Rest assured knowing that this silky satin pillowcase will help keep you cool while you doze. It's equipped with a secret pocket where you could stash a sachet of lavender or that hair tie you always reach for during the night.

To buy: $36, savvysleepers.com.

Photo by savvysleepers.com

No. 10 Fabric Fresh


Give your sheets a spritz with this luxuriously scented fabric refresher. The natural formula not only gives clean sheets a boost, but will even deodorize too.

To buy: $16, thelaundress.com.

Photo by thelaundress.com

SmartShaker 2


Place this piece under your pillow and set it to vibrate so you can be woken up peacefully (and not disturb your partner). Though if you need a little noise to be pulled from your slumber, it can programmed for that as well.

To buy: $30, amazon.com.

Photo by iluv.com


Rens Sheepskin


Getting out of bed is tough enough. Have your first steps land on this supple sheepskin so the cold floor doesn’t give you a jarring jolt.

To buy: $30, ikea.com.

Photo by ikea.com

Watercolor Hamper Tote


Roomy enough to fit over a week’s worth of clothes, this canvas container has durable leather-and-wood handles that will make carrying it to the laundry room a cinch. The painterly pattern makes it something you wouldn’t mind leaving out in the open.

To buy: $68 (large), anthropologie.com.

Photo by anthropologie.com

Keller Faux Mongolian Fur Throw Pillow


Available in 11 colors and three different sizes, these super-soft pillows will add elegant texture to any bedspread.

To buy: From $35, wayfair.com.

Photo by wayfair.com