The Comforter That Saved Us From Alternating Nights on the Couch

My husband and I have been happily married for years. There's just one problem: We don't sleep well together.

Finally, a Comforter We Can Agree on—and it's Stylish and Cozy, Too
Photo: Crane & Canopy

I've been married for nearly 15 years, and I'll admit it: Sometimes I miss having an entire bed to myself. Desperately. These days, however, I'm lucky if only one other person is in my bed with me. Often, my 3-year-old daughter sneaks in, snuggles up between us, and kicks us all night long. At least her big brother stays in his own bed #silverlining.

But here's the thing: Even without a crowded bed and kicking kid, my husband and I are incompatible sleepers. He snores and likes sleeping in a warm room, while I never snore (despite what he says) and prefer a freezing cold room so I can burrow under lots of blankets. Inevitably, my husband wakes up in the middle of the night and shuts the window (or turns off the air conditioning)—and I wake up sweating.

It was to the point where we were debating alternating nights on the couch, and then a friend presented a better idea to me: the Ultimate Luxe Down Alternative Dual Comforter by Crane and Canopy ($199 to $249). It's a new comforter that's designed to cater to couples who run hot and cold. So far, it's been magic for us.

The comforter is divided into two sides with clear differences in warmth and weight: a lightweight half for my side of the bed and a year-round one for his. The entire thing is filled with premium down alternative, so it's hypoallergenic, and the fabric is made of super-soft, 400 thread count extra-long staple cotton. We're both amazed by what a difference it makes. There are no more blanket battles and we both sleep more soundly throughout the night.

Since becoming parents, sleep is more precious than ever (we get so much less of it), so we've tried to make our bed the optimal sleep space, investing in a high-quality mattress and ultra-soft sheets. This comforter takes it to the next level. I like the extra weight—it helps me drift off to sleep more quickly—and he loves how incredibly plush it is. He's finally warm enough not to shut the window and turn our bedroom into a sauna!

It not only feels good, this comforter looks good—something that's incredibly important to me. It's a beautiful white color, so it goes with everything and looks clean and modern. There was no need to debate colors or patterns (he generally likes dark colors and bold patterns and I like soft or neutral colors with delicate patterns)! If only it eliminated snoring, too.

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