Real Simple Editors Love This Weighted Blanket, and Now There's One for Kids, Too

Meet the Nappling.

If you still haven't jumped on the weighted blanket train, what are you waiting for? Weighted blankets for kids and for adults alike are everywhere, and any weighted blanket fan can talk for hours about the sleep and anxiety-soothing benefits these heavy blankets offer. Picking the right weighted blanket can take time and careful consideration, but once you've found the best weighted blanket for you, you've got a sleep and nap buddy for years to come.

Bearaby weighted blanket for kids - nappling blanket on child

With so many weighted blanket options on the market, it's inevitable that some rise to the top. The Bearaby weighted blanket is one of the best weighted blankets around, in our opinion, with its cozy knit texture and lack of cumbersome filler. (It's a weighted blanket that looks more like a decorative chunky knit throw than a weighted blanket—what's not to love?) The Bearaby weighted blanket has been available in adult weights—15, 20, and 25 pounds—and various materials since its launch, but only now is Bearaby venturing into making weighted blankets for kids: Meet the Nappling.

As the first Bearaby weighted blanket for kids, the Nappling offers the same attractive appearance and soft, breathable feel as the adult blankets, just at a kid-friendly eight pounds. The weighted blanket is designed for children ages four through 12; keeping in mind that most recommendations for weighted blankets suggest one that's about 10 percent of the user's body weight, the blanket is ideal for children weighing around 80 pounds, though it can be used for smaller children (and larger ones) so kids can grow with the blanket for a few years.

Bearaby weighted blanket for kids: nappling in confetti
Courtesy of Bearaby

Bearaby Nappling in Confetti, $149;

The Nappling, like the original Bearaby Cotton Napper weighted blanket before it, is made of 100 percent organic cotton for a soft feel. The knit weave allows for breathability, so it won't feel too stifling, and it's washable, so figuring out how to wash a weighted blanket won't feel like an impossible task for parents.

Sold for $149 exclusively on the Bearaby website, the Nappling isn't exactly the cheapest weighted blanket for kids on the market, but it does offer some things many other weighted blankets don't. First, it's beautiful: This isn't a blanket you want to keep hidden when guests arrive. Second, the weight comes from the organic cotton knit, not a bead- or foam-based filler. The weight in the blanket is evenly distributed and won't get compressed or bunched up at one end of the blanket, unlike some other weighted blankets, so the Nappling will likely last longer than other blankets and be less frustrating to your child, particularly if they're a restless sleeper.

The Nappling is available starting May 20 in four colors: confetti, evening rose, midnight blue, and moonstone grey. Bearaby launches tend to go quickly—there's currently a wait list (or "weight list") for the adult Napper blankets, so if you want a new, attractive weighted blanket for your little one to help them sleep better during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, act fast.

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