How to Give a Bedroom Boutique-Hotel Vibes, According to Designer Clara Jung

Hint: the wall mural makes all the difference.

Portrait of designer Clara Jung
Photo: Susanna Scott

For the 2022 REAL SIMPLE Home, we're making over a house in Florida's Rosemary Beach community, a scenic community that boasts beautiful beaches. Each room in the house, from the living room to the porch to the kitchen, will get revamped by a different designer. Interior designer Clara Jung will be taking over the primary suite. Her plan: infuse the room with boutique-hotel charm, while nodding to the natural landscape of Northwest Florida.

About the Designer

Clara Jung started her career in corporate law before launching her firm, Banner Day Interiors, in 2014. The Berkeley, Calif.–based designer favors a slightly mismatched aesthetic. She rounds out a few new pieces with vintage finds and art, so a room looks like it's been decorated over time—not overnight.

The Goal: A Bedroom With the Feel of a Boutique Hotel

Clara loves rooms that are packed with vibrant colors, fun prints, and layers of textiles and textures. She always starts the process by choosing inspirational images, then she builds from there. For the primary suite, she's designing around a mural that reminds her of trees in the Florida Panhandle. Check out some of her inspiration, which you can shop to give your own bedroom boutique-hotel vibes.

Clara's Plan:

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Wall-to-Wall Inspo

mystic mural

This forest mural will cover one wall in the suite, setting the tone and the palette. If there's a room in your house where you really want to make a statement, select a wall mural as the backdrop, then decorate the room with more neutral furniture.

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Soft Landing

camilla bed

The pale cream color of the bed will pop against the darker tones of the wall mural behind it.

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Color Forms

seasons echo painting

Clara wants artwork that connects to the room's color scheme of green, gold, and rust. The white frame complements this subtle piece of artwork, so it won't distract from the wall mural.

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Side Piece

writing desk

Clara plans to use a desk as a nightstand, so it can serve double duty in the small space. If your bedroom is feeling cramped, look for furniture that can multitask. A dresser or stool can also double as a bedside table.

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Stain Power

ebony dining chair

This modern take on a Windsor chair is small enough to tuck under the desk when not in use. No need to be matchy-matchy with wood tones. An ebony-stained chair at an oak desk brings character.

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Bench Warmer

cade wood bench

Luxe velvet in a rich rust color tops this sturdy bench, tying into the color palette and providing a spot to take off shoes or rest some bedside reading.

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