This $13 Pillow Is So Comfortable, I Sleep on It More Than My $150 One

I’ve recommended it to several friends.

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After sleeping on the same pillows for many years longer than is advisable, I knew it was time for a refresh. When it comes to my bedding, I have no problem splurging on products that will help me get a good night's sleep, but shelling out for four new high-end pillows was out of my budget. So, I decided to compromise, opting for two higher-end options and two more affordable ones—and after a few nights of sleeping with my new head cushions, I had a startling realization. The Amazon Basics down alternative pillows, which are $13 apiece, might be even better than my $150 ones.

Since getting my hands on these pillows, I've recommended them to several friends—who, in turn, ordered them for themselves and subsequently got the sleep they'd been craving. After all, I'm not alone in my love for these budget-friendly cushions: With over 9,300 five-star ratings, they have considerable customer approval. And at just $26 for a two-pack, they're a real bargain.

The pillows are available in firm and soft versions, and I opted for the firm density, which in truth is more medium-firm. And since they're not overstuffed, they have a fair amount of give when you rest your head on them, resulting in a texture that's equally soft and supportive. After about six months of use, they're just as plush as they were the day I got them. The pillows are marketed for side and back sleepers—which is ideal for me, as I tend to shift positions throughout the night—though multiple reviewers noted that these are comfortable for stomach sleepers, too.

Other shoppers said they're pleased with the high quality of the pillows, especially considering the affordable price. "I have had such an issue with finding quality pillows that are comfortable and mimic the pillows found at a nice hotel," wrote one five-star reviewer. "These are great and I do not wake up with headaches from sleeping wrong."

Several customers even said that the Amazon Basics pillows improved the quality of their sleep. "Seriously the best pillow if you have sciatica issues. I have really bad back pain and I can never get comfortable. The first night I used this pillow was instant relief," wrote another shopper. "Any way I sleep now I have zero pain."


To buy: $26 for two;

Having all the tools you need for a good night's sleep doesn't have to cost a lot of money thanks to these Amazon Basics pillows. Just don't be surprised if you start recommending them to all your friends, too.

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