This indigo-dyed Japanese bedding is exceptionally comfortable. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 14, 2018
Girl sleeping in Aizome Indigo Dyed Hypoallergenic Bedding
Credit: Kickstarter/Aizome Bedding/Yulia Skogoreva

Not to add to our list of nighttime worries, but our beds are likely filled with chemicals. Most brand-new dyed sheets contain chemicals or formaldehyde, and as scary as that sounds, this info does not legally need to be disclosed on the product label. That's right, it's likely that most of us snuggle up to formaldehyde every night and don't even know it. And for those with sensitive skin or allergies, these hidden chemicals could be causing irritation. Recognizing the need for all-natural, chemical-free bedding, a Japanese startup called Aizome Bedding launched a Kickstarter campaign for bedding made with just three ingredients: organic cotton, indigo, and water. I tested out a set of the cozy, light-blue bedding, and found that although they're made using a centuries-old dyeing technique, the result is a remarkably cozy, hypoallergenic bed that feels completely innovative.

What Makes Indigo Dye Different?

Most of the indigo dye used today (like the kind in your blue jeans) is synthetic, but Aizome Bedding is bringing back natural indigo dye, which has been used in Japan for centuries. Besides producing a pretty blue color, indigo also has proven healing properties. In fact, studies have shown that indigo ointment, a traditional herbal remedy, was effective at treating psoriasis. In addition to being chemical-free and good for your skin, Aizome Bedding's indigo dye process also requires 85 percent less water than traditional dyeing techniques, making it good for the environment, too. While natural dye is known for fading quickly, the company uses sound wave technology in the dye process to connect indigo molecules to the fabric. The result is a gorgeous shade of blue that will last for up to 500 washes.

So, How Does the Bedding Feel?

The moment I opened up my indigo-dyed bedding, I was in love. Dyed a soft shade of pale blue, you can see the woven cotton fibers, giving the sheets a natural look. After the first night testing them out, they felt soft, breathable, and ideal for sleeping in on lazy weekend mornings. To be honest, they made it even harder to get out of bed. If you're a fan of natural-fiber sheets that are soft yet still have some texture to them, then these are the sheets for you. (Prefer a more satiny finish? Try our Associate Digital Editor's favorite sheets instead.) After sleeping on the sheets for a couple weeks now, they've quickly become my new-favorite set. The only problem: I have a feeling they're going to make doing anything else besides hibernate this winter extremely difficult.

You'll Never Have to Fold a Fitted Sheet Again

To make the sheets as long-lasting as possible, the company ditched the buttons, snaps, zippers, and elastic bands that can fall off, break, or wear down. Instead of the typical elastic, the bottom sheet is secured using a drawstring threaded with a sturdy yet thin rope. At first glance, this surprised me, but after putting it on my bed, I was convinced. The drawstring made it much easier to put the sheet on by myself, and I was able to adjust it for the perfect fit around the mattress. An added bonus: You'll never have to worry about folding a fitted sheet again—when you loosen the drawstring, you can fold this piece just like a flat sheet.

How to Get 50% Off

If you're thinking about supporting the Kickstarter campaign, you won't want to wait long—the company is offering a 50 percent-off Christmas special for the first 48 hours of the campaign. After that, the discount will lower to 25 percent-off for the next four days, and will continue lowering until the campaign ends on December 14. Currently, the duvet cover set with two pillowcases, originally priced at $199, is now only $99. Luxurious indigo-dyed bedding that's good for both your skin and the environment is worth the splurge, but now you can get the luxury at a much more affordable price.