Turning your bathroom into a relaxing retreat is easier than you think.

By Real Simple
Updated February 16, 2018
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After a long day of work, we all dream about sinking into a hot bath to soothe away our stress. But if your bathroom is messy and not-so-stylish, it can be hard to relax. To turn your bathroom into your own personal retreat, start with a few easy tricks for making the space feel more like a spa. When toiletries are corralled and fresh greenery is displayed, suddenly, even a small bathroom starts to feel like a sanctuary.

1. Introduce Some Greenery

Choose a variety that lasts for a while and will add a fresh scent, such as minty eucalyptus.

2. Hang a Chic Shower Curtain

Swapping out the shower curtain is the easiest and cheapest way to refresh a bathroom. Visually, it takes up a surprising amount of space in the room, so changing this one element can dramatically alter the entire look of the room. Choose a design that’s minimal and fresh to fit with the spa theme.

3. Let a Small Stool Hold Towels

Take a trick from bath houses and use a small wooden stool to stash fresh towels near the shower. Not only does it look great, but this way, a towel will always be within reach.

4. Choose a Bamboo Bath Mat

While fabric bathmats tend to get damp and moldy, a slatted wooden mat feels fresh and makes the space more zen. Plus, no more wet socks when you use the bathroom after someone just showered.

5. Light a Scented Candle

Spas stimulate all the senses, including scent. For a similar effect, light a candle with a light and soothing aroma, such as lavender or eucalyptus.

6. Add Some Art

To give your eye something to enjoy as you lounge in the tub or apply a face mask, hang a work of art you love. If possible, choose a relaxing visual theme, such as ocean waves.

7. Let a Caddy Corral Shower Supplies

How can you chill out when your toiletries are a mess all over the edges of the tub? Instead, hang a shower caddy to keep your supplies tidy.

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