Putting smart small bathroom design ideas front and center will help a pint-sized space feel a little more palatial.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 05, 2019

Clever small bathroom design ideas are key to creating functional spaces that aren’t total eyesores. Anyone who has struggled to make a tiny bathroom work, especially if it’s a shared bathroom, knows how much more difficult it is if the room hasn’t been designed with efficient bathroom shelf ideas and other smart small bathroom storage solutions, no matter how pretty that bathroom backsplash is. On the flip side, no one’s going to enjoy a bathroom that’s effectively designed but visually unattractive.

Fortunately for everyone who values functionality and fine appearances (so everyone, really), some small bathroom design ideas actually do both, and the design team at bathroom renovation company Block knows them all. When it’s time to start planning that small bathroom remodel, make the most of a small bathroom with their expert-approved design ideas. Some of the Block team’s smart small bathroom design ideas introduce unexpected multitaskers to a space to add more storage, reduce visual clutter, and more, while other tricks add the large-scale personality that so rarely fits into small spaces. With these small bathroom secrets, making the best of limited space doesn’t mean sacrificing function or style.

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