Yes, you can transform even a tiny bathroom into a spa-like space.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 04, 2019
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No matter how cramped or spacious your bathroom is, there's still room to turn this space into your own personal spa. The trick is to choose small bathroom decorating ideas and organizers that are specifically designed to make the most of limited square footage. Before you start decorating, begin with a purge of everything that shouldn't be in your bathroom. By the time you're done decluttering, you'll likely discover that your bathroom has more space than you thought. Next, choose a bathroom color scheme that fits the vibe you're going for, whether that's the relaxing combo of white and blue or a glamorous mix of black and gold. After all, switching up the wall color is the most dramatic change you can make without taking up an inch of space. Once you've decluttered and picked a palette, it's time to invest in decor, organizers, and little accents that have the power to turn an ordinary bathroom into an oasis.

Check out the space-saving shelves, zero-maintenance succulent, and printed shower curtain below to find inspiration for your mini bathroom makeover.

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Small Bathroom Decorating, Salle de Bain Door Sign
Credit: Anthropologie

1 Stylish Door Decor

Set the scene by adding a charming stoneware plaque to the bathroom door. This little detail exudes French country style—without taking up any space in the room itself. 

To buy: $14,

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas, Kilim Rug in Peach
Credit: Urban Outfitters

2 A Slim Bathmat

Even if your bathroom doesn't boast much floor space, adding a cozy bathmat underfoot can warm up the entire room. The trick is to measure your space carefully and then find a rug that fits the dimensions. This long, slim 20-by-30-inch rug would be ideal for a narrow bathroom. 

To buy: $39,

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas Rolling Cart
Credit: World Market

3 A Convenient Rolling Cart

In a small bathroom, the best organizers are those that maximize vertical space, while taking up as little floor space as possible. This slender wood-and-metal rolling cart is the perfect candidate for the job. Plus, it has a rustic farmhouse style that would make Joanna Gaines proud. 

To buy: $105 (originally $150),

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas, Faux Succulent
Credit: West Elm

4 Zero-Maintenance Faux Succulent

The trick to making any bathroom instantly more spa-like? Just add plants. Even better: This faux succulent doesn't require light or water, making it ideal for cramped, windowless bathrooms. 

To buy: $29,

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas, Printed geometric coral shower curtain
Credit: Target

5 An Eye-Catching Shower Curtain

In a cramped bathroom, the shower curtain is likely one of the biggest features in the room. To make the most of it, choose one with a pretty, monochrome pattern, so it's attention-grabbing without becoming overwhelming. 

To buy: $19 (originally $20),

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas, Sleek Black Shower Caddy
Credit: Amazon

6 Sleek (and Space-Saving) Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is a small bathroom must-have. This stylish metal organizer suspends from the shower head, utilizing empty space while keeping shampoo, loofahs, and razors within reach. 

To buy: $30,

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas, wall-hanging wood and metal shelves
Credit: World Market

7 Wall-Hanging Shelves

To make the most of every square foot, opt for wall-hanging shelves that leave the counters and floor clear. This set of shelves not only provides shelf space for products and hair tools, but it also has hooks for towels and washcloths. 

To buy: $100,