The Best-Kept Secrets of Luxurious Bathrooms

Want a spa-like space? Here are seven things every stylish, comfortable bathroom should do.

Have you ever stepped into a bathroom and felt instantly at ease? Chances are, it wasn't the expensive marble or shiny brass fixtures that made the space feel so spa-like—but all of the little details that often go unnoticed. Mini moves, like storing a hand towel where it's easy to grab or leaving extra toilet paper where it's sure to be spotted, are subtle changes that help to create a bathroom that's calm and comfortable for both you and your guests. These are tiny details that are more often felt than they are seen in a space. Looking at what almost all luxury bathrooms have in common, we've compiled a list to help make your own bathroom more relaxing. Here's the first step to turning your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

1. They never make their visitors feel embarrassed.

The #1 trait of an elegant, relaxed bathroom is that it should never make its visitors feel uncomfortable. It can be embarrassing for a guest to have to ask for more toilet paper, and you never want your guests (or even your family members) to experience the heart-sinking feeling of having just showered, only to realize there are no clean towels to reach for. To avoid these uncomfortable scenarios, be sure to stock plenty of extra toilet paper in a spot where it's easy to find: under the sink is an obvious option or invest in a sleek toilet paper storage solution ($79, Before overnight guests arrive, leave out extra towels, ideally where they are easy to grab from the shower. If you don't have a towel bar, installing some basic wall hooks is a quick solution.

2. They smell amazing.

In line with avoiding embarrassment, the most luxurious bathrooms have a miraculous way of always smelling fresh. Leave out a bottle of Poo-Pourri spray ($10, or try the classic solution: a box of decorative matches ($5, You can also invest in one of our favorite essential oil diffusers. Or try this DIY solution: hang a bundle of fresh eucalyptus upside down from the shower head. Every time someone showers, the steam will waft the fresh, minty scent of eucalyptus around the room.

3. They provide a place to perch (that isn't the toilet seat).

To make a bathroom feel more like the lounge at a high-end spa and less like a dorm bathroom, you'll want to provide somewhere to sit (and stash clothing) that isn't the toilet seat. Depending upon how much space you have, that can mean a small stool ($128, or a bench with built-in storage for towels and slippers ($199,

4. They look sparkling clean.

Sorry, there's no way around it: a comfortable bathroom is also a clean bathroom. To make sure you don't miss a spot, consult our bathroom cleaning checklist. Invest in the best tools to make cleaning easier, like this angled scrubber that makes toilet cleaning a little more convenient. When you're in a rush, stick to this 5-minute bathroom cleaning routine: wipe down the counter and mirrors, put out fresh hand towels, and give the toilet a quick scrub.

5. They introduce style with art, plants, or decor.

The best way to make the bathroom a beautiful, personal space is to add art or decorative plants. Realistic-looking faux plants are the best bet for windowless or very low-light bathrooms, while these humidity-loving live plants are ideal for a steamy shower that gets decent sunlight.

Art can add personality to the bathroom, but avoid anything that could be ruined by humidity. Metal sculptural objects or decorative mirrors are great options.

6. They have the best textiles.

Sometimes, a fluffy white towel is the difference between a dingy bathroom and a five-star one. Shop some of our favorite places to buy bath towels online to find the lush, absorbent bath towel of your dreams.

7. They contain unexpected luxuries (hello, heated towel bar and handmade scented soaps!).

Once you've covered the basics, step up your bathroom style with an unexpected luxury that wows. A heated towel rack ($218, that warms up in less than 20 minutes is spa-level luxury. For a less expensive (yet still memorable) indulgence, order some handmade soaps or leave out a pretty rose-scented face mist.

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