This Hand-Woven Bath Rug Is Stylish and More Durable Than Traditional Options

It’s officially replaced my old mat.

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Picking out a bath mat may not be at the top of your redecorating to-do list, but since you plant your bare feet on it every day, it's worth searching for the right one. While most options are made of plush, towel-like material that easily gets matted up and takes its sweet time to dry, there are more durable products to choose from that are as stylish as they are practical.

Case in point: I recently swapped my traditional bath mat for a hand-woven rug from an under-the-radar home goods brand called Quiet Town, and I'll never go back. I discovered the Brooklyn-founded brand at Nordstrom's new home department at its New York flagship store, which now showcases more than 50 fresh brands, including small businesses and familiar staples alike.

Quiet Town is one of the smaller decor companies now available to shop at Nordstrom. Among other unique home goods, it sells Kilim rugs that are hand-woven in India. For those unfamiliar, Kilim is a flat-woven, pileless textile; it gives rugs a dense, durable construction that can handle daily foot traffic. Quiet Town's rugs are also 100 percent cotton, quick-drying, and feel good on bare feet. And because each one is hand-woven, no two are exactly alike.

bath mat

To buy: $62;

The Mendocino Kilim rug, in particular, features geometric patterns in both neutral and bolder colors, such as olive green and pale pink. Whether your bathroom is already bursting with colors and prints or has a minimalist aesthetic, this bath mat will visually tie the space together while fulfilling a practical need.

At $62, the rug is a bit more expensive than most traditional options, but when you take the hand-woven material, durable construction, and striking pattern into consideration, it's well worth the investment. To keep the rug looking its best, the brand recommends hand-washing it and laying it flat to dry. However, it can go in the washing machine as needed.

You can pick up one of the rugs from Nordstrom today. And if you love Quiet Town's style, check out the rest of its stylish bathroom essentials now available at the department store, including cotton bath rugs and canvas shower curtains.

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