Shoppers Say This Memory Foam Bathroom Mat Is 'Like Standing on a Cloud' After Every Shower

Say goodbye to cold tile and slippery floors.

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Memory Foam Bath Mat for Bathroom Non Slip Bath Rug

Nothing puts a damper on a hot shower or a relaxing soak in the tub than stepping out onto a hard, cold, slippery floor. You may think it's just the reality of self-care nights, but shoppers have found an absorbent mat that only extends your bathroom bliss, even after the tub is draining.

The Flamingo P memory foam bath mat isn't an ordinary rug for the bathroom. It sops up all the moisture and gives your feet a place to step that's as comfortable as your mattress, as one reviewer put it: "It's like standing on a cloud." Infused with memory foam and outfitted with a rubber backing, there will be no wandering mats or dangerous sliding. Its pillowy texture has been showered with five-star ratings from 8,300 happy bathers, dishwashers, and pet owners.

Memory Foam Bath Mat for Bathroom Non Slip Bath Rug

To buy: $25;

This squishy textile is an expert at helping you dodge cold bathroom floors and preventing puddles from forming courtesy of a thin flannel top layer that's impressively absorbent. It soaks up "every ounce" of water from your feet, one person described, "while swaddling them in soft-pillow comfort. My feet need a nap now, after writing this review."

Kids, dogs, and cats alike have all happily test-driven and approved of just how comfy the mat is, too. "These memory foam mats are super soft," wrote another person. "My two-year-old has taken to laying on them and making snoring sounds."

Though a cushy rug sounds like a little luxury, its one-inch thick memory foam padding is also a helpful solution for reducing pain. "I have terrible feet—arthritis and Morton's neuroma," began a reviewer. "The hard surfaces of our shower and bathroom hurt my feet. I bought this to put in front of my sink to use when shaving. It's a godsend. No pain at all when using it."

And the damp conditions of a bathroom won't get to it either. One shopper noted that theirs lasted for five years and its ability to hold up in the washing machine makes it a real winner in terms of convenience and durability.

A decorative item as useful as this can be brought outside the bathroom, too. Several people use them in front of the kitchen sink for doing the dishes. Another person put it beneath their desk for extra padding during long work hours. And one customer even utilized it as a mat to catch spills under their pets' water bowls.

The mats come in four sizes, allowing you to choose between an area rug-style version that starts at $12 or a long runner for $25. There are also 11 colors—a variety of neutrals and cool tones that'll match many different types and styles of bathrooms.

Don't dampen the spa atmosphere of your bathroom with a soggy mat or patch of slippery, chilly tile. These memory foam mats will provide the cloud-like treat your feet never knew they needed.

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