If Your Bathroom Lighting Is a Nightmare, This LED Mirror Can Fix That

Adjustable brightness, an anti-fog feature, and a luxurious aesthetic, all in one.

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Keonjinn 40 x 24 Inch Bathroom LED Mirror Vanity Dimmable Light Memory Anti-Fog Wall
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Whether it's too harsh and fluorescent or too shadowy and dim, bathroom lighting can be awful—so awful that it's almost rude. But installing new light fixtures can be a pain, and even that's not guaranteed to give you the lighting you're looking for as you blend out your foundation in the morning or slather on your fave face serums at night. But all hope is not lost, because this LED mirror available on Amazon is an easy way to remedy any bad lighting situation.

With its clean-cut, modern design and useful functions, the Keonjinn Bathroom LED Mirror is guaranteed to add both a touch of convenience and luxury to your bathroom. With the press of a button, you can adjust the mirror's brightness to fit your viewing needs or activate the anti-fog function, which makes it easy for all those who love piping hot showers to keep the mirror's surface clean and image crisp.

And speaking of steamy showers, the back of the mirror is water and moisture-proof, so you don't have to worry about the lights being damaged in the ever-damp, perpetual splash zone that is the household bathroom.

Keonjinn 40 x 24 Inch Bathroom LED Mirror Vanity Dimmable Light Memory Anti-Fog Wall

To buy: $200 (was $260); amazon.com

Available in a bunch of different sizes, this mirror can work in all types of spaces. Dimensions wise, 20 inches by 28 inches is the smallest size you can buy, whereas 55 inches by 36 inches is the largest, and 40 inches by 24 inches is around the middle ground. So, if you're not too concerned about your bathroom lighting, you can pick the perfect size to hang over your dresser to instantly upgrade your bedroom, or throw it over a table to create an unbeatable vanity setup. After all, vanities with great lighting can evoke an old-school Hollywood glamour that'll have you feeling like a movie star as you get ready for a night out.

If you love this mirror, but are looking for a different shape, the brand also offers full-length and round mirror options in a variety of sizes. But regardless of the shape or size you choose, one thing is guaranteed—your beauty routine and mirror selfies will reach new levels of flawlessness with these frontlit mirrors.

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